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My new music challenge group!

Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that I made a new music challenge group! I’d love to get as many members as possible. I won’t start any challenge until we reach at least 30 members, but it’s going to be a super fun group! I’d love it if you guys joined! It’s also a discussion group, and you guys are good at that. ;) Hope to see you in it!

P.S. There will also be fun little challenges, to include those that don’t have pro.


I noticed that you have a Christian teen musicians group that is now an abandoned group. The same has happened to me. But, what I did is I changed my group into something else. Now it’s a music challenge group. When you think of a new group you’d like to start, edit your old one! That’s what I did. :)

Only if you want to ;D

Transferring scores

Hello, I was wondering if you can transfer scores from one software to another? Right now I don’t have any scores on my Musescore account since I have been using another software to compose. So can you transfer scores over without having to rewrite them?
Sorry,I’m not very technologically advanced.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

New group!

Hey, all! I created another group titled, “musical comedy,” and it’s basically a group for people to share their funny musical fails and stories and a refreshing, clean, humor group for people to be able to step away from all the crude dirty humor that the world throws at us daily. If any of y’all would like to join its open even if you don’t have any stories or jokes you can still join.

P.S puns will be encouraged in the group too for all you pun lovers ;)

Bach's works

Hi all !

My name is Wandrille, I'm 15, and I'm organist. Found of J.S. Bach and baroque music, I have got a challenge: upload all the arrangement of Bach's organ works, and maybe more, like cantatas, pieces of the Well Tempered Clavier, etc. If you are interested in all those works, you can have a look at my dashboard and I would be pleased if you decide to follow me.

Thank you very much for your attention, and god bless you all !