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Question about copyrights

I was wondering about what are the steps you need to go through to arrange a piece with a current copyright? If I wanted to make and arrangement of a piece that has been make more recently how does that work so that you are not breaking copyright laws? Right now I have been trying to be super careful and have only been arranging music that is public domain so that I don’t infringe or plagiarizes anyone’s works.


Hi. I've had this heavy on my heart for a while, but am too scared of my (wayy too) Asian parents to tell them. I want to go to Julliard. I am not a prodigy, like my whole studio. I have just decided to take a little break from the world of my overbearing, Julliard graduate, prodigy of a teacher. I really want to go there, but am scared of sharing my dreams of being a music teacher with my family. They are quite...... Honest. And straightforward. I'm torn between reality (I'm not a genius or a prodigy or an overly talented kid) and my dreams (going to Julliard with my BFF, who happens to dance and wants to go there, too). Is it time to face reality, which tells me to give up and get a brain/life/help?

My new music challenge group!

Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that I made a new music challenge group! I’d love to get as many members as possible. I won’t start any challenge until we reach at least 30 members, but it’s going to be a super fun group! I’d love it if you guys joined! It’s also a discussion group, and you guys are good at that. ;) Hope to see you in it!

P.S. There will also be fun little challenges, to include those that don’t have pro.


I noticed that you have a Christian teen musicians group that is now an abandoned group. The same has happened to me. But, what I did is I changed my group into something else. Now it’s a music challenge group. When you think of a new group you’d like to start, edit your old one! That’s what I did. :)

Only if you want to ;D

Transferring scores

Hello, I was wondering if you can transfer scores from one software to another? Right now I don’t have any scores on my Musescore account since I have been using another software to compose. So can you transfer scores over without having to rewrite them?
Sorry,I’m not very technologically advanced.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!