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About Yourself

Hay! I would like anyone willing to tell us a little about yourself:

1. What instrument(s) you play.

2. Your musical occupation (what you do with your musical abilities. e.g. praise team member, worship leader, composer, lyricists, etc.)

3. Your favorite music to listen to.

4. Anything else you would like to say about yourself...(age for example).

The Beatitudes - another approach

Hello together,

I composed a piece of music I would like to share with you. Also I would be very happy about your comments and thoughts.

The piece is called "The Malmö Beatitudes". The text is from a sermon Pope Francis hold two years ago in Malmö, Sweden, during his visit.

The text is not easy at all. For me it was very challenging. Why new Beatitudes when there are the Beatitudes given by Jesus in the bible. Is it a new "translation" by Pope Francis?

How "remaining faithful while enduring evils by others"? How "looking into the eyes of the marginalized"? Thinking longer and longer about this text, I needed to try a composition of it. And it had to be a quiet answer.

With my own words as my description of the musical piece I tried here: I think the Malmö Beatitudes are neither ment to be a "translation" nor are they provocative. They are a meditation and a prayer about the question what christianity and being part of "the one community in Christ" could mean in the 21st century with all these questions, dissonances but also the deep joy and peace which we can't teach ourselves.

I hope you like it!

So my brain was kind of (read Very much so) gone on the bus today and at school

So first off, i'm in 8th grade. In science today, the radio was playing Christian songs and me and my friends started singing the baby shark song (The teacher was copying some papers). The radio stopped and we got to give a stirring rendition of grandma and grandpa shark to everyone there.
And on the bus, I was playing with paper and realized that if you have two papers on top of each other and you move the first one quickly off of the second, the second one goes up. So, I was fascinated and was like "Woah this is a scientific discovery!" And made this whole thing with my friend in 12th grade about "Paper goes up-itude (The new branch of science that I created in my mind)" 

So, how was your day? XD