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Epic Composer Competition #8

Hey guys! Last competition was quite interesting. A lot of new theme ideas and musical styles were introduced. You guys all are great composers who have a future with your music! The grading system proved successful but I'm adding a new judging category. Thats all for now. Look for more "Epic Composer News!" discussions to get updates on how these competitions will run and all that jazz.

10 point grading scale = less ties (Thanks lot @DaKook)
Completion Category = overall completeness of piece (Thanks lot @UknownProdigy)

Starts: March 17th (Friday)
Ends: March 24 (Friday)
Judging: March 25 to 27 (At night, will give notice if delayed)

Create an original score that features more than one key! Then identify the key changes made with measure numbers in the description when you post your submission.
Ex: Key in C major (measure 1-45) and Key in G Minor (measure 46-81)

0. If any of these rules are broken, a 1 or 2 point penalty will be applied to each category of scoring.
1. One score can be submitted only. If it hasn't been submitted before, then you can submit it.
2. All of the score MUST BE ORIGINAL! (No arrangements or remixes)
4. Must be 1 min 30 sec to 4 min 30 sec long!!
5: MUST PUT "Epic Composer Competition #8" or "ECC #8" IN TITLE
Link to group:
7: Always follow the objective (Above)

There will be most:

All of these sections of judging rewards are optional so they wont affect your score positively or negatively.

Completion is a new category so the total possible points is 40 points.

Creativity (The uniqueness in themes and instrumentation)
Effective Entertainment (Keeps audience attention positively and engages thoughts of sound)
Realistic (Being able to perform whats written and notation is readable/correct)
Competition (Full development of the themes presented)

Point System:
1 to 2 = lowest
3 to 4 = below standard
5 to 6 = standard
7 to 8 = above standard
9 to 10 = highest

Epic Composer Competition #10 is coming up soon so look at the discussions page for "Epic Composer News!" to get more information about the event.

Summer Events is also coming soon. Summer events will feature real prizes but if enough participants do competitions before then, real prizes will feature sooner. Look for the "Epic Composer News!" page to get information on it as well.

Please spread word of all this content and strive to make this part of the community a better place. Thank you for all the support so far! I'm looking forward to these competitions coming up. Good luck all!


We (Joseph and Hannah) have decided that every time we double in the number of followers (so right now we're at 5, so it'll be 10, 20, 40, 80, maybe throw in something for 100, 160, etc.) we will alternate posting an original composition to thank you! (It may or may not be very good. We're certainly not experts ;)

The meaning of the group

I saw this group and thought - oh, finally something for me. But wait! No! It isn't! But I wish it was. And I hope that it isn't only my wish, that all of you, conjoined in this group, in some kind of commonwealth, want the same thing somewhere in their soul. Let me explain my bidding then.
I, member of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church wish this group to be what it is supposed to be; that means: less arrangements, more compositions. If we are Christian composers, no matter whether Catholic or Protestant, we truely should compose a lot, but things more ambitious than just songs and chants. They are indeed important, but people can handle on their own with those. Composers are to do something more. Where is Passio? where is Missa? Where is Magnificat?
I see I'm in minority, because pretty everything in here is in English. God knows everything, understands every tongue, not only Hebrew, Greek and Latin. As a Catholic, I find Latin the most universal, even though not many people can understand it. Its sound is marvellous.
Therefore I do admonish you to work on something bigger than just chants or simple instrumental pieces glorifying such trivial things as they currently do.
I call you to create ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

Rapidly Disappearing Scores

This is just a reminder that I cannot afford a paid account on this site, which means that, as I continue composing at least a hymn a day, my less brand new scores must be removed in order to make room for the newest ones.

It does grieve me when I see that one of my scores has been favorited the day before it is due for deletion. I don't delete in reaction to the favoriting (and, yes, I do LOVE it when a hymn of mine gets favorited), but, due to being on a free account, I have to delete in order to make room for the next hymn that I write.

So, in closing, thank you for favoriting my hymns, and please do not be offended when I must quickly delete them.

It's just a plain fact that I need the room.

Answers to Prayer

WOW! Just WOW!

How often does it happen, and we miss it, or pass it off as mere coincidence?

This morning, concerned about the attacks against this ministry, and the trials that we are going through, I wrote a hymn, "Our Fortress Strong" (at ), then got it released, and announced, and went to Bible study. This morning, the Lord moved the study leader to break with routine, and bring in a couple of old hymns, instead of using the song book that we normally use to sing. Those hymns were, "Standing on the Promises of God" and "A Mighty Fortress is our God". While singing this morning, there was a point that I had to fight back tears: "My Daddy is answering me! The God of all creation is bowing down to whisper in MY ear!" I could feel the Spirit pointing me to each and every word that Luther wrote!

WOW! Just WOW!

How often, as I said, do we miss these things, because we are so focused on our problems, and not on our Solver?

How about spreading some encouragement?

Please! Share some of your own such answers, here!

Group Rules

These are the rules of this group:

1) No profanity or inappropriate language in anything posted here. I will delete anything that violates this.

2) No trolling

3) No harsh criticism in the comments. I will delete such comments. advice and mild critiques are encouraged, but nothing destructive.

4) All of the music posted must be spiritually active. In other words, the lyrics must convey meaning that gives glory to God. In the case of an instrumental, It must invoke an attitude of worship (slow and pensive is good). I will monitor what comes through and if I don't feel it meets this requirement, I will delete it.

5) Follow all of the rules and enjoy composing for the Lord!

Please suggest new rules If you think of any. Thank you.

For You're Understanding

Please understand this is not just a group of Christian composers. This group is a place to post PRAISE and WORSHIP MUSIC, nothing else. In the "Group Rules", I stated that the songs posted on here must be praise worthy. Some instrumentals meet this requirement, but NOT ALL of them. "The Eternal Love of God" by Aaron Cruz is a good example of of a song that follows this rule.

If I remove one of your songs from the group, please don't think that I don't like the score, it is only because it is not the kind of music I would like to see shared on this group. No hard feeling please. All I wan't to do is make sure that the foundation of this group remains solid.

The Dear Reader Series of Notes

I have been briefly adding my hymns to this sight and this group (among others) for several months, now.

Recently, I began putting together a series of notes that I thought others might find useful. I call them "Dear Reader" with a dash and a number following the title. Each one is put together sort of like a letter, to, well, "Dear Reader".

They may be found in the "DearReader" folder of the Public area of my GoogleDisk, at

You might also note that the Public area also has a "Hymns" folder, that has many of my hymns in it, on a longer term basis, than they are here.