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Numbers Against Us

This game is a number game... obviously. Girls will try to count up, boys will try to count down (they can even go into the negatives if need be if girls begin extremely poorly). We start at 0. If you are transgender, agender, non-gender, etc., just pick male or female and stick with it for this game to lessen the confusion. No posting twice in a row.
EDIT:When girls reach 200, we will have to count down, and guys will count up.
EDIT 2.5: Once girls reach -200 or guys reach 300, we will reverse directions again to where guys count down and girls count up.

For example: 
Female user: 1
Male user: 0
Female user: 1
Other female user: 2
Male user: 1
Female user: 2
And so on... for ever and ever... 

I'll start. 

Can bot accounts creating groups now?

this looks fishy. If this is truly a bot group I'd recommend stopping this kind of thing before it is unleashed full scale and create a time lock after an account is created for posting discussions and creating groups. 

Maybe also some sort of confirmation system when creating an account like CAPTCHA? Can bots get past that? 

Advanced sort, filter and search options for sheet music browser and group contents

Hi there,
in my opinion browsing and searching for sheet music is very unpleasant.
There are just a few too basic options to filter, no advanced search or a sort by name option.
Inside groups there is nearly no option to search, sort or filter.
I'm looking for things like "multi tag filtering", "regular expression like searching" or sorting by name, complexity, rating...
As there is more and more sheet music getting uploaded, this is getting more important each day. Even today I feel a bit like lost in a moutain of sheet music.
Is there any improvement planed concerning this topic?

Hyperlinks in the notification feature are not working like they were + Dashboard issues

This has been going on for a couple weeks now, when the notification feature started out I could click on the hyperlink under the bell, and after clicking it redirected me to the exact comment of the notification. Recently comment notifications that are from a discussion with more than one page of comments do not lead to the comment, instead just the first page of the discussion. I don't know when this changed, but it is a huge nuisance to have to dig through a 9 page discussion in order to find a comment directed to myself. I wouldn't be complaining about this if my dashboard worked, but for weeks and weeks my dashboard has failed to show all the recent comments, only showing about 1 in 5 of every comment I get. it would be nice to see the hyperlinks redirect straight to the comment I am getting notified for, as it was earlier when the feature was new, and also I'd like to see my dashboard fixed again.

Also I have encountered these problems on Safari and Chrome on my Macbook pro and my windows, respectfully.

MuseScore is great, but....

MuseScore is by far my favorite program, but it lacks some very special features. The features that would truly make this a better program are:
- Accelerandos and Ritards: Currently you must notate these with invisible tempo markings.
- Better trombone soundfont: The soundfont for the trombone is a little rough. It sticks out too far in most compositions, resulting in my changing of the audio source to euphonim just for timbre's sake.
- 1st, 2nd, etc., time markings: We need markings to show that an instrument is only played during a certain time in a repeat.
Please, we need these features.

Fonts not working

Hi, I have seen a few topics like this one but none of them solved my problem so here it is : since the musescore 3 update, there are some font that I used in musescore 2 that aren't available in the font select screen... They just don't appear ! 

If you want to see for yourself, some of these fonts are :
- New Super Mario Font U
- Raider Crusader
- American Kestrel

Wanna competition?

I don't really care, but if you guys want to, sure. Just say whether you want to or not, if I can get five 'wants' with no 'no wants' it'll start. Also, if it happens, the competition will start on a different discussion. (The rules will be there too.) *If the group gets 200 discussions before all of the 'yeses' and 'no's, the competition will not start and this advertisement will be deleted.