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Another kind of playback??

Hi!  This is Alex from Spain.

I'm working in a digital piano lessons, and I need an special window of playback. Of course, that's a work for developers, but maybe is interesting for another peope.
I'm thinking about the user to have more than one option on playback. 

Now you can see the marker walking through the notes in a static score while playback, and would be wonderful to see a static marker and a moving score.
Something similar as seen in the Flowkey app.

I left you my question here, and please answer me if someone knows a similar software, or another kind of solution.

Thanks a lot!

Why aren't groups sorted by alphabetical order?

I follow more than 80 groups. If I want to go to group X, I have to squint my eyes and go down the list, group by group, until I get to group X. 

In fact, I have no idea how the groups are sorted. They're not sorted by the time you joined them, and they're not sorted by activity either. They're not sorted by ANY discernible pattern.  

Admins, would it not be easier for users if groups were sorted by alphanumerical order? 

How about an 'update all' button?

For composers with multiple scores, it would be really nice if I could just update all my scores simultaneously.  Or at least more than one at a time.

I have changed all of my notation for all of my uploaded scores numerous times, and would love to be able to update them all in one shot/

It is very tedious to update one at a time.

I don't think it is a hard programming fix, and this feature would add some more value to a pro subscription.   Enough to keep me subscribed at least.

How do you edit copyright text in the score?

In the older versions of Musescore (2.0.2 is what I was using before switching to 2.3.2), you could double click the "copyright" text at the bottom of the score, after you'd put it there when you were making the new score, and edit what it says in the same way you can double click any "lyrics" text and edit it. Now, Nothing happens when I double click it; it doesn't even show up when I click it normally, and the inspector remains blank. Is there a way to edit or even to delete it??

Strange Tempo Change Behaviors with Piano Keyboard on Organ (Three-Staff) Pieces

Any pieces on this site for solo keyboard (or at least notated as such) provide the option to view the piece being played on an on-screen keyboard as you listen. The feature works rather well with piano pieces, but I've come across some strange behavior surrounding tempo changes on organ pieces.

I don't have much in the way of organ pieces myself so I haven't been able to derive any potentially reproducible patterns, but on the scores I do have I've seen cases where tempo changes cause the three staves to start playing out of sync on the keyboard, as well as some cases where all the staves respect the tempo change for a beat then randomly revert to playing at the previous tempo from the next beat on. The audio keeps playing correctly in every case, but the keyboard view stubbornly disagrees. Even stopping then starting from after a tempo change retains the out-of-sync display.

Can anyone else confirm that they've seen this before?

MuseScore Café - October 31, 2018

Tune in Wednesday at 12:30 Eastern time (16:30 GMT) for this week's edition of the MuseScore Café:

Topic of the day: scary meters! In honor of Halloween, I am going to enter an excerpt from some music I wrote many years ago to accompany a poem entitled "Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti. The basic groove is alternating measures of 4 and 3.5, except for one instrument that is in straight 15. Is MuseScore up to the challenge? Am I? Tune in to find out!

MuseScore Director of Education Marc Sabatella presents a regular series of free live interactive chat sessions on a variety of topics, via streaming video. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join in the conversation!

For the ultimate video help on using MuseScore, check out Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course:

MuseScore Android 2.0.4 : Still a complete mess with Tablature

• The font is still low quality (like a low resolution scan)
• Stave texts overlap with the stave and with each other
• Stems and beams are a mess, often missing hooks and dots
• Coloured fret numbers are rendered as black


These scores display perfectly on the web, in the desktop version and in Android Songbook but are a mess in Android MuseScore. On a positive note, the user interface looks good and the mini score previews look correct, (including stems, beams, dots and colour!)

Rendering issues with the new MuseScore app

In the new MuseseScore app, version 2.0.1, there are quite some rendering issues:

The lyrics dash as well as the melisma underscore are rendered too high.
Spaces in lyrics (Produced with Ctrl+Space, e.g. after a stanza number) are rendered as "?".
Lyrics moved to above the stave are rendered below.
The curly brace of a piano staff is too far left.
The measure repeat sign in a single line staff is not on the line, but below.

Also all the dialogs are in English, even though I know that translations are available.
From I see that localization is planned for the iOS version 2.0.4, is that true for the Android version too?

I'm stuck with the inclusion on Youtube

Goodmorning everyone,

today I tried several times to transfer a song on youtube but without success. I have disabled any type of block possible but nothing. I click on "send ...." but the screen becomes white and nothing is transmitted. I  observed that, loading an mp3 audio, after clicking on disconnect and  then on connenct, I was shown C: fakepath .... (something like that). What could be the problem?  

The connection with youtube does not work in any way. Followed to fix a blank page on the screen and in no way are redirected. Nor do you upload any movie. It stops with the https: / Score_id = ... link in the address bar. As I said, I have not activated any protection. However, it does not proceed with Firefox, neither with Explorer nor with Chrome. Every activity on the internet works correctly, including the youtube account. There has not even been any change to my pc.
How do I handle it?

Thanks a lot See you soon. 


P.S.  I hope that the English translation is understandable. 

Collaboration feature

Something I really wish MS admins added is a collaboration feature, a preeintegrated feature in MS, where you have a list of your followers in MS, and then you could choose who you want to collab with, providing that person is currently on MuseScore. It'd then be like, where two or three people compose at the same time on the same score on the same window. I REALLY wish they added this. It'd be a dozen times easier for collabs and I even think there would be more collaborative pieces on MS (so more diversity of styles) simply by having this function added. I know it wouldn't be that easy to program on the staff's side but it would be definitely worth it in my opinion. What do you think?