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Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course

After many months of work, I am thrilled to launch my newest resource: Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course.  With more than nine hours of video instruction divided into over one hundred lessons, this is the most comprehensive training on MuseScore you will find anywhere.  The course follows the general outline of my acclaimed guide Mastering MuseScore, but the cost of the course is less than that of the physical book, making it an incredible value as well!

I am announcing this launch here in order to give my followers a chance to enroll now and take advantage of the early-bird pricing option, which I am extending for just a few more days.  Next week I will start promoting the course more widely, and the early-bird pricing will fly away :-).

If you are an educator or school administrator, I encourage you to consider becoming a MuseScore Educational Partner
and sponsoring enrollments for your entire institution at a hugely discounted rate (we're talking about as little as a dollar per student)!

Close parentheses and closed bug reports

You (team) just sent me 14 emails in which you merged 14 of my bug reports dating back to the beginning of the year into one, "Sets do not work" and declared them all closed.

Well, still broken!!  Links in the "About" texts (they have no name now) not followed by space eat up the parenthesis, period, or comma or whatever following them, which causes them to get "Page not found" errors when clicked on. Many of my old "About" texts are very long, entered before the 5000 character limit was imposed, so it is now impossible to repair them.  Nothing to do with "Sets", either.

So please don't close bug reports that aren't solved.  Why did you do this (close a bug report for a problem that is obviously not fixed)?

Feature request: publicly visible support queue

I think it's prudent and past time to have a support queue separate from this group to which users can submit tickets for support issues. This group has become rather littered with people adding a 'discussion' asking for the devs to look into an issue - with verbiage ranging wildly in considerateness - which deviates from the group purpose of proposing ideas for continual improvement. If had something akin to a Jira queue, not only would there be an official location to report bugs, the users who report bugs will have clearer visibility into the progress devs have made into addressing the issue (or whether they've seen the issue at all).

Help with search-strings for Musescore.


Simply put -I would like to see search string capability implemented for the

Also the ability to search multiple aspects of an uploaded musescore.

For example the ability to have scores that have a specific tempo and specific time signature all in one search result.

I have asked this in general discussion and they recommended that I ask it here.

It is September 2018.

Thank you.



Third-party Music XML players: alternatives to discontinued Songbook-app?

While I consider myself to be a Musescore evangelist, I am concerned about the discontinuation of Musescore Songbook, a paid app.

Another source of worry is the  Musescore app team disregarding repeated warnings from concerned and experienced users four months ago, releasing a premature and intentionally crippled Musescore Mobile.

Many of us depend on the paid Songbook app to get work done, and seem to have been left in the lurch. 

Has anyone tested Music XML players for Android or iOS?


Would anyone be interested in a collaboration document comparing features and experiences?

Upgrade - scores not visible - critical issue

Pro members since Nov 2014

Ipad MC979ZP/A
IOS 9.3.5 (13G36)
App update from 1.13-2.0

When I open any score, the page is bank except for the chrome of the app. The score will play, and the controls work, but no score is visible.

I have re-installed the app, and restarted the device a number of times, which has had no effect on the problem.

I run two choirs with over 70 members (many of whom sing from tablets), and have my organ church music on my iPad. 

This is a critical issue. Please advise.

Pete Alan

Please remove Musescore temporarily from Google Play and Apple App Store till critical flaws are fixed

Thank you for sharing the road map for fixing the flaws in the Musescore app. 

People are losing their scores when "upgrading" Songbook to the new Musescore app. Until the critical flaws are fixed, could you please remove the flawed Musescore app on Google Play and App Store avoid other users losing their scores?  

Kind regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren