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Mystery mute

Help! I've just imported a midi file and one of the parts (piano) is muted in playback and I can't figure out why. I've looked at the mixer - that's fine. Clicking on the individual notes renders them perfectly ok, there's simply nothing in playback. All the other parts are fine. I've even tried copy/paste the individual line into a fresh blank score and it remains muted; but then adding new notes to that line, no problems - so it doesn't sound like it's a global setting on instrument line. My only thought it could be velocity of the notes is set to zero? Is that a thing in Musescore??

After update of the Songbook app

Yesterday I've received the update of the new songbook app on iOS for my iPad Air 2.

Two thinks are very disappointing on the new app.

1. The pre-counter  isn't available anymore which makes it very difficult to use this app for exercising. Only the metronom is available put that isn't very helpful.

2. The sorting of the favorites in the app. In the previous version there was an alphabetical sorting of the songbook. Now I have no idea how the app is sorting the sheet music. A detailed manual I've didn't found.

In sum with the new update this app made a step back instead of forward. 
Please add the pre-counter again and improve the sorting of the songbook.


Need instructions on how to create multiple notes on one staff

I'm trying to digitalize an old piece of sheet music of a song which has pretty much disappeared- can't find any recordings of it anywhere, and it's so old it's out of copyright. I'm totally new to MuseScore and cannot figure out for the life of me, no matter how much I google it, how to make something like this:
I'm completely stuck, so if you could give me simple instructions, I'd be very grateful! Thank you!

Adding an instrument after the beginning of a score

Hi !
I'm trying to tranform a song I want my pupils to learn into a score. But for the life of me, I just seem unable to find a way to insert a second instrument (which will be a voice) under my previous instrument.
I tried to find some instructions in the handbook (which I just buy) but I'm unable to find something useful.
If someone coud point me towards the right menu or key, that would be great !
Thank you in advance

Please make app more useful

I am excited about accessing on my phone/tablet scores that I am uploading in my account, but right now it is not useful. There is no way to make folders or classify or even just show the list in an alphabetical order. Can't even play the synced audio.

The other option would be to use the songbook, at least it offers to sort alphabetically, but the only option to transfer files is to open them one by one and it is not very straightforward. No way to open a folder, or open at all from inside the app...
pleeeeease work on the app, I am looking for reasons to pay my pro membership :)


Today I have noticed several spammers placing multiple advertisements for dresses in groups. I've seen it before on occasion, but today alone there have been at least four of such discussions posted that I am aware of. Should we just mark the discussions as spam? Is there anything else we can really do about it?

Request to delete broken score

This is second discussion I've made about the broken score ( which is in which I've been having trouble for months in Musescore. Some has responded. A staff said he will delete the score themselves since I cannot because the whole tab ( I mean browser tab ) of the score itself is unresponsive after making multiple attempts of deleting it. But I've been waiting for a few weeks and still no updates about the issue. Some have also complained that it is unresponsive. So I request ( once again ) to delete the score by someone ( probably a member of the staff  ).

Audio Sources/Custom Audio for existing scores

Currently, if you want to have custom audio for your score, you have to upload the score from the MuseScore app with that option selected, or you can take an existing score and use a YouTube link as the audio source. 
If  you don't want to delete and re-upload a score (losing all views, favorites and comments on the score) and still want custom audio you will need to export the score as an MP3 file which you must then put in an MP4 file. This file must then be uploaded to YouTube, after which you may finally use it as an audio source for a current score.
A way that could exist in theory is to upload a private score and use the MuseScore website's "Send to YouTube" option and use that as your audio source for the existing score, however, when MuseScore sends to YouTube, it only takes the MIDI data of the score and uses it's own soundfonts to generate the music in the video.

How to fix these issues:
1. When giving users the option for audio sources for their existing scores, give them the option to upload an MP3 file. 
This seems like it's a good middle ground because the MuseScore application is perfectly capable of giving the user an MP3 file of their score with their soundfonts, and the MuseScore website is clearly capable of putting an MP3 as the audio source for a score (considering downloading the score's MP3 is an option)
2. When uploading your scores with custom audio from MuseScore to YouTube have it upload using their custom audio.
3. Let users of the MuseScore application update scores from the application itself.
This is currently possible if and only if you initially uploaded the score from the application itself. If you uploaded a score through the website, you will not be able to update the score using the application. 
You could have the MuseScore application "fetch" the scores that the user currently has uploaded, or you could have make the users provide the link to the score they would like to update (have the application check that the link's score is from the user currently logged in so users can't change other users' scores).

This issue has been on my mind for quite some time hence the length and detail. If you read all the way through, I'm glad someone other than me at least knows.
(I have also posted this to the MuseScore software Forums but parts of these do apply to

JOB: Community Manager - Percussion

Ever wanted to get paid just to drum, talk about drumming, think about drumming - all day long?

Do you love technology, internet, social media?

Interested to work in a fast-paced, Rock 'n' Roll environment - literally (company was recently acquired by Ultimate Guitar)?

MuseScore, one of the world’s largest community for musicians, is looking for a Community Manager - Percussion to join our fast-growing team.

Your Skills:

- Chops - DCI/WGI level
- Live to drum, love to write for percussion
- Able to work independently, see an opportunity and act
- Able to create a plan and execute against metrics
- Comfortable speaking on camera (instructional video, webcasts, interviews, etc.)
- Proficient with all forms of social media
- Experience with video or audio a definite plus
- Knowledge of all forms of percussion - drum set, concert percussion, keyboard percussion, with a deep knowledge of marching percussion
- University degree is NOT required - we care more about your practical knowledge, skills, creativity

What You’ll Do:

- Manage all percussion-related activities and content on
- Responsible for user growth and increased engagement within percussion segment
- Propose YOUR ideas for innovative solutions to reach goals
- Manage the development of MuseScore Drumline 2.0 (next generation of current product
- Be engaged in entire MDL development process - design, built, launch, support
- Manage relationships with percussion brands and influencers
- Have freedom to solve complex tasks and use non-standard approaches.
- Travel to and present at top conferences and events - PASIC, BOA, WGI, DCI, TMEA, etc.

Why Work With Us:

- Get paid well doing something you truly love
- Opportunity to make a major impact in percussion education
- Travel - not only experience life overseas, but regularly return to US for conferences & events
- Opportunity to learn new skills or explore different responsibility on the project. BTW - we have no hierarchy, only responsibilities 
- A literal Rock 'n' Roll atmosphere and approach to development
- Beautiful office in the city center and no dress code 
- We work differently - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Breakfast, soup, sandwiches served free throughout the day
- Push a button and get a coffee, tea, coke or even a  Jack Daniel’s delivered to your desk

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should simply send a brief email outlining their qualifications/experience (full resume/CV optional) to daniel@muses** with subject - Community Manager - Percussion. 

Candidates should be prepared for a brief 10-15 minute discussion via FaceTime/Google Meet. Understanding that many potential candidates could likely be currently touring, bandcamping, etc., we can be very flexible in accommodating schedule.

P.S.  - Job is located in Europe. Candidates should be prepared to relocate, but with frequent travel to US. Relocation expenses covered by company.

Indicate "External" copyright in arrangments on ?

In looking through the Scores on MuseScore I noted more than a few scores that were  derived from or were arrangements of tracks where a "third-party" had a copyright, such as TV or film related scores.

I appreciate that  already has arrangements with some music publishers , but I am someone that likes to know music I use is legal
(Especially given projected changes to copyright laws, in Europe.).  

Thus, It would be nice if where the composition or arrangement was subject to a 'third party' copyright, external to the contributors on, that an appropriate information field was provided, indicating to whom enquires in relation to professional, commercial or performance use could be directed with respect to those copyright could be made, or where if needed print copies could be bought.

Where a publisher had already indicated an agreement to the compostion or arrangements appearing on,  this is something that ideally should also be indicated.

I appreciate this is more of a policy area, than technical..

MuseScore Cafe

For those who are not aware, I have been doing a weekly series of free streaming video sessions called the "MuseScore Cafe" where I talk about and/or demonstrate some aspect of MuseScore.  You can watch live and participate in the chat, or just catch the archived video:

The sessions have mostly been on Wednesdays but at a variety of different start times.  I am aiming to become more consistent, and this month at least all sessions will be 12:30 PM Eastern time (US), or 4:30 GMT.

So, as I type this, next session starts in under an hour!

Today's topic: multiple voices, or how to work with different rhythms on the same staff.

E-mail and sets.

E-mail: I've added my E-mail in the settings but nothing supposed to b sent reaches me in my inbox for a while.
Sets: we all see those three famous words written up on our profiles "Sheetmusic" , " Favorites" and "Sets". But I really wonder for a long time: what does "Sets" refers to??? What the use of it???
Plz, answer, and thanks.

Random high pitches

Hi, I apologize for adding a question on a group meant to improve, however, I've been having some issues while writing the past year. I've noticed through playback that i'll randomly hear a part play their note around an octave higher. For instance, while random chords are being played, I'll hear an extremely high note come from one of the parts. After rewinding and replaying the section, it doesn't reoccur. It's very random, and it seems I can't reliably recreate it. It's also very blatant, and doesn't come off as an overtone. If anyone could explain what's happening that'd be nice. However, I would say it's definitely not that intrusive, as replaying it's fairly rare.

Importing PDF s

I could really use the experimental PDF import feature.  But when I tried it today it wouldn't recognize anything -- not even a MuseScore exported PDF.  

I am continuously sight-reading new music with a choral group, and I can learn faster with MuseScore . It would be wonderful if I could import each new piece into a "SATB Closed Score + Piano" template.  Right now I have to manually enter these new scores by hand -- note-by-note -- since I don't play any instrument.

Once a score has been saved in MuseScore I can use the F10 Mixer to boost the Bass voice at first, then reduce Bass gradually each run-through, until I have muted the Bass line and am singing it by myself against the other voices in an SATB quartet.