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Statistics error

I noticed on one of my score the statistics says:

SO FAR TODAY                             YESTERDAY                                      ALL TIME
          80                                                  118                                                45934
          11                                                   20                                                 45934
          38                                                   53                                                 45934

My number of views, plays, and downloads are NOT equal. I also checked on another and it was the same way. Why is this?

Datei in musescore öffnen

seit ich eine muse score datei auf den schreibtisch verschoben habe, öffnet sich unter " öffnen" nicht mehr musescore und meine gespeicherten dateien, sondern der " schreibtisch", obwohl ich die daraufliegenden Dateien wieder gelöscht habe. ich muss nun programm-musescore- partitur anklicken um zugriff zu meinen dateien zu bekommen. Wie komme ich wieder direkt, also unter "öffnen"  zu meinen musescore dateien? 

Can we get some more cymbal sounds?

I am a percussionist who loves to write percussion parts, but there is a issue that bugged me for a very long time - there are only few cymbal sounds/notations. 

I believe that one way that an arranger could make the music lively is through usage of various cymbals. However, Musescore is stuck with only few cymbal sounds and they are extremely basic (splash, crash, china, HH, hand crash). My suggestion is that more cymbals should be added through MDL. Marching art is one of the fields of music that uses heaps of cymbals, and MDL is a great chance to elaborate on Musescore's depressing number of cymbals.

Here are some of my suggestions:
- Cymbal chokes
- Swish knocker (sizzle)
- Stack
- Cymbal rolls + gong roll
- Zil-bel, bell plate, ect.
- More splash (china, trashformer, ect.)

Adding these cymbals will definitely make the marching band/DCI arrangement very lively and  interesting to listen to.

Stop time in playback possible?

I'm trying to arrange a section with stop time. Print is fine as I just use staff text. That doesn't effect playback though.

I can approximate it in playback by selecting the entire section and adding staccato to all the notes. It's close enough that I can live with it, but then I need separate files, one for print and one for playback

I've searched the handbook, tried the inspector with everything I can think of currently. I can live with the workaround, I'd rather do it right, if it's possible.

Plagiarism Plague

I think as the MuseScore community grows, it is time to seriously think about how to prevent plagiarism, otherwise victims of plagiarism could easily feel extremely frustrated and leave.
My suggestion is that MuseScore the software should support an additional file format that is non-selectable/copyable and non-save-as-able (playable only, or optionally printable). At least composers who choose to reserve all rights for their original work should be able to block users from downloading the raw mcsz file and allow only this read-only format.
I know MuseScore is open source and there is no way to completely prevent copying, but preventing simple download-and-reupload would be the least you guys could do and I can't think of any reason against this. If a user explicitly chooses to reserve all rights, no open access to the editable raw file can be justified.
Please put some thoughts on this. There are certainly a lot of other issues but plagiarism (especially download-and-reupload) can be deadly.

Announcement: billing and Pro update

Hi there,

Next step of update new engine for is finished (you can find roadmap here: Today we updated billing for So, what's new?
In addition to the many technical improvements that have appeared in the new billing, it is worth mentioning those that are visible to users.

1. Now we started supporting gifts for PayPal subscribers. As you know there is an opportunity on the site to give a month of access to Pro. If you grant access to a user who already has a subscription, then his next payment is reset. Unfortunately, in the old billing the gifts didn't work for PayPal subscribers. In the new billing, we solved this problem and the gifts also work for the PayPal subscribers too (and all the old unused gifts will be applied).

2. Now our billing supports mobile platforms - iOS and Android. You can subscribe to MuseScore Pro on your Android phone and get full access to Pro on site (and vs versa). Just check the new mobile app - New iOS app will be available in Ap Store in next weeks (need to pass Apple team check).

If you find something wrong with new billing, please report here, I'm always happy to help and fix everything as soon as possible.

Hidden Scores

Hi there,

I don't have a Pro account as of yet, and I'd like to upload another score (i'm already at 5). If I post a 6th and delete it later, will the score that is hidden as a result of that upload revert back to normal, with all of the comments, views, etc. it had already? Or will it just be gone entirely?


20180816 musescore bugs and quests

1. Open locale file, loading black, no white spinning circle. And loading online file the loading on the screen sometimes is not white. It takes last using scores screen cache. The title use last opened online score name, and if any settings change in last opened online score will set to the opening local file. If a solo set and the instrument the opening locale file do not have, nothing will show when local file opened until cancle solo setttings.
2. Zooming bubble is not English, it is Russian. And there is no back to original option.
3. Very fast click on settings and mixer button, will cause repeat mixer or settings layers.
4. Metronome click mute and click max will cause no metronome sound. Have to click mute and click max to make it back. And there is no prepare metronome click option.Some score first loading play metronome is on, but some first play metronome is off. It is weird… Seems to relate to last opened online file settings.
5. Songbook title take last online song name.
6. Direct open from file manager trigger open app will cause re-login problem sometimes. Sometimes cause freeze.
7. Songbook three dot menu in locale file need to remove some online options.
8. It really cause a long time to open a file than the old app core. And the lyrics is bad quality.
9.Rotate and on/off control bar bug. Off bar, rotate screen, on bar, get a black control bar.
10. Two fingers zooming on screen need to turn off! It is weird due to no any function now.
11. In search bar, select number of instrument, up to 45, the search run from 1 to 45 every click. Not just wait jump out to filter then search. Every change of number of instrument search once. it takes much time to wait the search.
12. In a 45 instrument score. Only 16 instrument show, if more than 16 instrument the below score will be cut.
13. The in zooming mode need to ignore some system/measure layout settings, especially like page break, system break.
14. the search change of settings apply when back to search list,and score change of settings and mixer apply changes when click back to score is better
15. support google account connnect?

Can't upload scores...

Usually it takes some time to upload a score until it's shown uploaded on the upload page, and the title, if not set before, appears and is the same as the name of the score. But recently, what happens is that a score is shown uploaded exactly the moment I choose which file to upload. Which obviously means the server haven't processed and uploaded the score at all. When I click "Save" to finish uploading, the page where the newly uploaded score should be doesn't show up. Instead the whole process is instantly cancelled. It seems like the uploading haven't taken place at all. The previous page before uploading shows up, and when I check my uploaded scores, the file I want to upload doesn't appear. I don't know why but this kind of situation keeps happening. For a whole day I cannot finish uploading one single score, no matter which browser I use. Would developers please take some time to look into this issue? Thanks.


I have a problem, before I was using Musecore 2.1 and when got notification for 2.3.2 update, I used to download it buy unfortunately when trying to Install it I can't use it and I get I certain notification that
"The code execution cannot proceed because of Qt5Core.DLL was not found. Reinstall the program may fix this problem"
I tried many times with no success what can I do? I don't want to loose my Previous composition, they are so many!!Please help