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[New Feature] Email and desktop notifications and notifications settings

A few weeks ago we launched the Notifications system on We’ve been reading your positive feedback, and we’re glad you’re appreciating the new feature!

Today we’re delivering another update to the Notifications system, in three parts:

1. Notifications settings. Now you can configure what types of notifications you want to see. You can access your notifications settings from your Settings Menu or the Notification Panel. You can choose any kind of Notification and choose where you want to receive it: on the website, email or web pushes. 

2. Desktop Push Notifications. Now you can subscribe to receive Notifications via Desktop Push. It makes sure you don’t miss new notifications, even if you don’t have open.

3. Email Notifications. We will send you notifications once per hour ONLY if you don’t open the Notifications panel on the website. We'll launch Email Notifications in 2 days; but for now, simply use the readily available Notifications Settings.

Enjoy the new settings! I'm looking forward to seeing how this impacts your experience with the website.

Sleepytime for Phoebe

Scoring feedback/advice requested.
My first attempt at notating for guitar, therefore any constructive advice and feedback on this score from those who know a thing or two about the notation conventions for classical guitar would be great.   (My formal musical education comes from a wind-playing background, whereas all my guitar is self-taught).  Thanks daveneal already for demonstrating the guitar sim on this chart.

Revived Piece! 
This has been in the works for a painfully long time, but I finally bucked up and finished over the past two days, and I'm excited to share it with you all! I strongly suggest that you listen to the epilogue (around 3:03, measure 103), as it is a more refined copy of the first piece I ever wrote back in seventh grade. I'm so glad I was able to revive the old melody, harmony etc. since I've always loved it. FEEDBACK MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Keep getting spam comments, frustrating

I keep getting spam comments in my discussions. They all seem to have 1 thing in common, they either advertise something, or they are total nonsense. None of them are my followers in case you want to know. The most recent case of this happened here:

Now, I was just trying to get ideas on how to vary the theme in question. Here is a quote from that post that I made:

This is my second attempt at doing a Theme and Variations. With my first  attempt, I used the A minor section of Rondo Alla Turka. But I didn't get very far with it. So this time I'm taking a different theme as my original theme and I'm varying it. It is the most well known theme in existence. Yes, the original theme that I'm varying is the first theme of Beethoven's fifth. 

As you can see, I'm just asking for ideas on how to vary the theme. And there is no activity for several hours, and then I get a comment. I expect it to be a comment with an idea, or at least one related to the piece. But no, the first comment that I get is total spam, advertising "anti-spam for emails". I usually just ignore these spam comments, but it is getting frustrating to get these spam comments. I went ahead and marked the comment as spam and made a post here.

Why do I keep getting these spam comments, and how frequently do you get a notification from your discussion and look at it and it turns out to be a spam comment? At least I don't get them very often, but still, it frustrates me that I get spam comments nonetheless.