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Like-Love-Star Button

Hey. I would love to have an opportunity to express my appreciation to some people. Therefore I thougt, it would be nice to have a "Like" or maybe better, a "star"- button. This could be a good way to receive feedback by the community, specialy, when you compose your own stuff. It could be easily implemented and I don't have to add the pieces to my favorites, to give feedback.

Exploring MuseScore - Saturday, May 26

Join MuseScore Director of Education and Mastering MuseScore author Marc Sabatella on Saturday, May 26 for our first ever live interactive webinar for learning MuseScore! The first 40 people to register using this link or the coupon code SAVE40 will save 40%, making the cost only $15!

Something unusual

Hey there, I've found a problem:
When I created a set, it made three same sets and when I saved my score into one of them, the score appears in three of them. When I tried to delete it, it loaded a screen showing "Page not found,sorry about that". And the sets stayed. Is there a way or two to fix this? Thanks!

How did I get a favourite on my profile page that's not in my favourites pages?

I noticed that the orders of icons for "followers" and "following" has reverted to earliest to last, rather than show the most recent. At the same time, a change has occurred on the "favorites" that appear on the profile page. 

Three of the last five scores that I have tagged have disappeared from the profile page and a score that I can't see in the first dozen pages of my favourites appears at the head of three scores on the profile page (i.e. the offending score and the last two I remember tagging). What is going on with this site? Can we ever get something settled? Are the users clamouring for all these, seemingly, vacuous changes? Don't get me started on the statistics...

formatting differences

I suppose this is inevitable, but sometimes I see differences in formatting between how a score looks on my systems versus on Usually it's nothing I would be concerned with, but on a couple of recent scores, it makes the difference between being able to fit one system per page versus two, which doubles the page count.

See the following, for example: Download the MSCZ file and it fits two systems per page (after the first) and is 9 pages long. At least, it does on my system - Windows Vista running 1.2. But the display on is one system per page throughout, taking 16 pages.

I know my layout and style settings put me right on the edge of being able to fit two systems per page, since that's how I set them. I suppose I could work around this by always setting scale a little smaller than necessary, or by decreasing margins just before uploading, etc. But still, I'm a bit curious why this is happening, and if there is anything in particular I should be looking out for in my own scores. The affected scores in this case involve lyrics, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with font handling.

Migration roadmap to new engine for

Hi all,

This year we started migration to new backend engine for, which allow us to increase site speed and bring architecture of site to single, harmonious form, which will allow us to increase speed of developing new features on the site.

I want to talk about this in more detail, because I want to clarify what and in what order we update.

Already done:

  • Migrate groups (need database changes) - January 2018
  • Migrate dashboard (need database changes) - January 2018
  • Migrate sheetmusic - search + sheet music catalog  - February 2018
  • Migrate API for mobile apps - March 2018
  • Migrate score pages - April 2018
  • Migrate stats pages - April 2018
  • Migrate main page - May 2018
  • Migrate public user profile pages - May 2018
  • Migrate static (small) pages - /team, /contact, etc. - July 2018
     Migrate score upload for web + migrate API for MuseScore Editor (need database changes) - July 2018


    Migrate user - sign in, sign up, settings, billing (need database changes) - August 2018

Enlarging Menu Text

Perhaps I cannot "see" it, so if this option is in the program I'd sure appreciate the help finding it. I am visually impaired. I can see, but not very well. The menu text in musescore is so tiny I cannot read it to use the program. I'd really like to copy out banjo tab that I cannot read on a music stand because it was formatted so small. But, looking at musescore, even on my big screen TV, the menu text is just too small for me to read. Is there an option in the program to make it all larger? 

Magnifiers attached to computer operating systems do not work for this. I really am hoping that there is a larger-text user interface option.

Possible neat addition

Hey, I know you staff are really busy rewriting the website code and all, but I was wondering if you could add this little feature. When you are uploading a score, in the same place where you choose instrumentation, could there be an option to select what level difficulty it is? If it's for piano, then it would be [Please Select] Level 1, Level 2, etc. up to level 10/above?

Thanks for bringing back MuseScorer of the Month

Thank you for bringing back this new feature! I'm sure we all discovered some great musicians thanks to this last year. Also, thank you for finally choosing an arranger as opposed to a composer this month.

I am wondering a few things though. Lots of people are questioning the process behind choosing each MOTM, and also why it hasn't been explained to us. Do specific criteria need to be met? There are some brilliant musicians with incredible music on this site, but they are in few groups and have a small number of followers so they are less likely to be noticed. Would this lack of publicity mean they didn't have the same chance at getting the award than most? Do you also have to be a valuable member of the MuseScore community in order to get the MOTM? 

We'd really appreciate it if you were to clarify exactly what goes into choosing a MuseScorer of the Month. Thanks.