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Please block this score and stop the plagerizing; remove the musescore file download 
I think we shouldnt have the ability to download the musescore file for a score. It makes it too easy for people to steal something of someones. This person literally just re-posted my arrangement without changing anything. If someone wants to edit a score from someone else they should then ask that person to send them a download link, they should not have the ability to simply download the file. Please remove that feature.

Bug: display issues with lyrics font on website (but not in the desktop application)

I just uploaded my score SATB score Kyrie (
) and some letters are not displayed correctly.

See measure 41, Soprano part (top stave)  

(left is website, right is in the desktop application)
In the web interface the text appears to read "eleisor" but it really is "eleison" ("n" displayed as if it's an "r")

There are more instances, this is just an example

Thinking of making a separate account for symphonies

So, I have been planning out my first symphony. I gave it the nickname "The War Symphony". It still isn't flushed out yet but I have decided to have it be a programmatic symphony with this movement structure:

First Movement:

Key: Bb major
Aspect: Battle
Form: Sonata Form

Second Movement:

Key: F minor
Aspect: Death
Form: Not decided on yet but I'm leaning towards ternary form

Third Movement:

Key: Not decided on
Aspect: Battle again
Form: Scherzo and Trio


Key: Bb major
Aspect: Victory
Form: Sonata-Rondo Form

The first movement is what I have flushed out the most out of all the movements so far in my plans so obviously, that will be the part I work on first. But I'm wondering, since I can't really afford a Pro membership(maybe a few years down the line I will be able to afford it but I can't currently), should I make a separate account to put my symphony score on once it is finished? And if so, should that account be just for my symphonies if I happen to want to compose more than 1 symphony?

Add “My Scores” to Top Level Menus

Love the app and the website! But....

Anyone else find it frustrating that “My Scores” requires 2+ clicks to get to on can we add the “My Scores” to a top level menu... like next to “Upload”?

More importantly, please add “My Scores” to the bottom “Home” bar of the MuseScore app? Right now there are 4 buttons
- Browse
-Library > My Scores
- Feed (See separate error issue... notifications appear as “undefined”)

IMHO, browse is redundant as the 🔎 is already on the top right hand of other menus

As iOS developer, how can I make contributions to the mobile apps?

First, I have only just heard about MuseScore and downloaded to my Mac. Awesome! I have searched GitHub and the forums a bit, but I haven't found an answer to my question. I'm sorry if this newbie post is addressed elsewhere.

I have experience as developer of iOS iPhone and iPad apps. I could not find an open source repository for the iOS code or how to help with the development. Please help me understand how to help with the mobile development effort. Thanks.

Second spacenoplay problem (not the same!)

This score, firefox, mac.
Click on the first measure. Hit space.  Let it play for a measure or two.
Hit space again to stop it.

HAVING DONE THAT, scroll down to page 7, where it says "V. New Inner voices."  Click on the first measure after that title.  Hit space.  The score starts playing not from there, but from the beginning, and the spacebar can't stop it, and the play-bar has the blue pattern running, and it can't be stopped except by reloading.

how do I remove custom audio?

Hi. I was having trouble earlier with the audio of a score not playing, so I switched soundfonts to a different (worse) piano just to get audio, which worked, but now having switched back to the default soundfont, even after making further revisions the original custom audio remains, and no longer matches the score. I've tried both save online from the musescore application and uploading the score manually, neither of which changed the audio. The score is if that's relevant.