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Country Day, Would like some feedback

 This is a piece that I composed to sound pastoral(in other words, like the countryside). I used this sequence of modulations:
F major -> C major -> A minor -> Bb major -> C minor -> G minor -> Bb major -> F major 

The first F major section is supposed to sound like the sun is rising.  Then in the C major, A minor, and Bb major sections, it sounds  relatively peaceful. But the Fate motive appearing in both the bassoon  and the piano foreshadows the C minor section, and the last entry of the  Fate motive being on a C minor chord makes it sound like I am directly  borrowing from Beethoven's 5th. Once I get to the C minor section, there  is a jolt, both in dynamics and in tempo. The tempo almost doubles and  the dynamics become fortissimo. I also use a repeating progression twice  in this section. Here it is:

i -> i6(first inversion tonic)  -> i -> iv(with Ab in the melody giving a more dissonant tone)  -> i -> i6 -> i -> vii°7 -> i 

Now there were a lot of ways that I could have gone from C minor back to F major. Here are just a few: 

  • Circle of fifths, ending it on the subtonic dominant 7th in D minor
  • Ending the progression at F minor and then going straight to F major via parallel modulation
  • Ending the progression at C minor, then going to C major which leads to F major
  • Ending the progression at B°7 and resolving it to C major, again leading to F major

I decided to start like the circle of fifths progression, going to G  minor. From there I went to the mediant of G minor followed by a plagal  motion to F major.
Once I got back to F major, I decided on having the flute play a melody  to give us a sense that the drama of the C minor section is over. This  melody, I accompanied in the bassoon. Later, when the melody comes back,  I change the register to be down an octave and have it played by the  bassoon. The flute harmonizes and embellishes it with a countermelody of  its own. Towards the end, I have all 4 instruments playing  simultaneously and there is a ritardando, going from the 120 BPM of the G  minor and second Bb major sections to the 60 BPM at the end. In the  third to last measure, the harp does a diatonic glissando. I intended  for it to be diatonic to avoid much dissonance between the Bb major  harmony and the glissando. In the measure after that the harp does a  long trill and then it ends with arpeggios in the harp and block chords  everywhere else. These last 3 measures are again fortissimo. But because  there is no modulation or sudden tempo change, the fortissimo in those  last 3 measures just sounds like a typical ending cadence and so even  though mezzo forte and fortissimo have quite a noticeable difference in  intensity and there is a busy texture in the mezzo forte before it,  there isn't much of a noticeable dynamic jolt. The flute and bassoon  move in contrary motion over the piano chords in the last 2 bars, both  to an F but in different octaves.
I didn't compose this for your typical quartet. Instead I thought  "Which instruments would go well with the countryside in terms of their  sound?" Piano, Harp, and Flute were obvious ones. To help balance the  woodwinds against the piano and harp, I decided on having a second  woodwind instrument. I didn't go with the Oboe because it sounds pretty  nasal in timbre compared to other woodwinds(would probably be a very  good instrument though if I wanted to make a piece sound Scottish).  Another instrument that I could have used is the Clarinet(which in the  case of this piece would be a Bb clarinet). It sounds mellow like the  flute. But I figured that I didn't need a more mellow sound, I needed  some warmth to the sound. And I knew just which woodwind instrument  would provide a warm quality to the piece. That would be the Bassoon,  which is comparable to the cello because of its wide pitch range and  warm tone.  

What do you think of it? Here is the link:

Website freezes when attempting to play a certain score

I currently have a score that I changed to private because of the issues it was causing. This is a large orchestral score with thousands of notes and an image. When I attempt to load this score, it freezes after a few seconds and stays frozen for 1-3 minutes. Sometimes (on mobile), the score won't play even when the YouTube audio plays. This has been occurring for about 1-2 days and hasn't gotten better. I use either Chrome on Windows 10 or on Android, and both devices freeze up. This score was made with the latest version of Musescore 3. There doesn't seem to be any corruption on the actual score, and the file size of this file is approximately 1.6-1.7 MB. If anyone could help, then that would be great.

Here's the problematic score:

Youtube troubles

I would like to ask if anyone else is also struggling with the "Send to Youtube" function on musescore. For the last couple days or so, anytime I send my scores to be a piano roll video, the youtube video will play the full audio, but the notes will not move (almost as if they are frozen). This was previously not an issue, and from the looks of it I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, so I would like to see if there are others struggling with this function at the moment.


Hey there! I want to first start off by saying I absolutely love the new MuseScore Drumline Extension! It is amazing! One thing I have noticed, and think should possibly be adjusted sometime in the future, would be a better front ensemble update. I write for indoor drumline and I would love it if the front ensemble sounded a little bit more realistic. I understand that this is mainly a marching percussion update, however I think it would be amazing if things were changed up a bit. I'm sure a lot of other users would be happy too!

Marimba deadstrokes (hard / soft mallets?)
Pedal vibes
Finger cymbals
Suspended cymbals / chokes
Gong / gong roll
(Hard / soft mallets for battery?)
Bowed crotales
Bowed cymbal
Bowed vibes
Various tribal drums
Loop wind chimes
More sound effects (wind, rain, thunder, etc.)
More synth settings

Anyway, that's all! Thanks so much! 💙

Looking for an Indoor/Marching Band Writer?

Hey, guys! I'm Pete-Michael Nwokedi! I am a front ensemble and winds writer and I am willing to write for your group if you need a concept! I write for front ensemble (including drumset, timpani, bass/electric guitar, and synths (even MalletStation)) and marching cymbals! I can also write pit for your marching band/pep band if need be.
Additionally, if you have an indoor winds group, I can also write for them! 
If you need battery to be written as well, I also have a battery writer at my side! Contact me at or respond to the comment/privately message me and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible!

Shouldn't there be a way to track down all discussions posted in groups?

If one of my posts in a group like Improving hasn't been replied for a long time, the post will fall all its way down to somewhere difficult to find. Thus without knowing the link, I cannot find the post again. Maybe there should be something on the homepage showing all posts one has done in groups? Just like does.

Suggestions for groups on musescore (part 2?)

In my group, Randomly Screwing Around, the pinned discussion doesn't stay pinned. I'd pin a discussion, and it would stay pinned for maybe several hours. But then it just disappears, and doesn't appear at the top with the pin symbol unless you search it. I haven't seen any other group that has this problem - could it be because no other group on this site has that many discussions...? But still, I'd like to be able to pin a discussion in my group like all the other groups.

I have thought of the possibility of getting new admins in my group, which is a very large group with 3.4k discussions and 700 members. However, I also don't like that, once you make someone admin, they can basically do anything the owner can, including edit the group settings and everything, some of which the owner can't undo. As much as I'd appreciate the fact that I can potentially have help in moderation of my group, I don't want anyone "taking over" with the same perms that I have. I'd suggest having a separate branch of "moderators", who will have a set of perms that's more limited than those of the admins/owner, but which allows them to effectively mod the group. Or the owner could choose the perms for admins/mods?

This has already been asked for, but when you want to kick/ban someone, you have to scroll through the entire member list to find them. For groups that have tens of thousands of members, this makes it impossible to find a specific user in the members list and ban them. So all the owners/admins can do is delete their spam discussions every time they pop up, which is annoying. If there was a function where we could search for members (like we can with discussions), that will make everything a lot easier.

Thanks!! :D

Playback not loading?

I’m not sure if a problem with the website or my computer itself, but whenever I go to play a score it just gets stuck showing the blue loading bar and never plays it. Sometimes it’ll even freeze and I have to struggle just to close out of the internet. I’ve had similar problems with the mobile website too.