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What even...

So my latest post, Epoch, sounded fine on my computer. No corruption errors, nothing bad in the file, no reason to get messed up. I upload it, and then take a listen. It goes from being what sounds like a group of expert djent artists chugging away on guitars to a bunch of fourth graders trying to play hot cross buns and mary had a little lamb on all the instruments.

Is it the version of Musescore I use? I use 2.0.3, but it's worked in the past for other uploads.

My follower count is off

Sorry I'm asking again...but it kinda irks me that the number isn't accurate. Last time I asked, the count was off by 1 and the staff said that if I blocked someone, the count sometimes doesn't go down. I HAD blocked someone who tried to scam me at the time, so it made sense. Well, the thing is, I've been gaining followers like usual...and it goes up by one every time someone follows me. But then today I checked and it's off by two now. The count says 333 when in reality I have 331. I didn't block anyone this time...I think someone unfollowed me but the number didn't change...I don't know when this happened as I don't regularly check...

Missing Groups

I've noticed a few groups have been deleted, or at least gone missing. There is no trace left of the old Randomly Screwing Around (a new one has been created), and I can't seem to find Musescore Composers either. Those are the only two I know about currently, but there may be more missing. Is this a bug, or were these groups deleted for a particular reason?

notifications when someone responds to your comment on their score.

My apologies if this has already been addressed or if there is a solution I am unaware of, but Ive commented on a few scores and the only notification I get is on my dashboard. Is there any other way to be notified? Its far to easy for the notification to pass by on the dashboard. (Even with the filter on the dashboard) Maybe not too important though at this moment in dev.

Thank you

Flaring Discussions

Hello Musescore staff,

Since the release of community, lots of new users, and the Domino effect, I have been noticing many many posts saying "Hi, I am a new composer, please check out my work". Although I appreciate this it can clog up my Dashboard and prevent me from seeing scores and discussions I want to see. I propose an idea in which users flag their posts: Discussion, Promotion, Question, or Miscellaneous and I can filter in my Dashboard which ones I want to see. This would greatly help me, and others Musescore experiences.

Thanks in advance,