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The Piano Roll

I'm really liking the new piano roll feature. It really visualizes scores and helps you see how it looks on a piano, and you can get a better grasp of the music if you got something like an entire band arrangement.

If there's any way that it can be more stable and in sync without having to stop and play, I'm all for it  Especially when you got big and advanced scores like this one I recreated:

How do I "write" that a sustained note (flute, linked with ties, spanning two measures) should "fade out"?

This is for a piece which I am transcribing at the moment, and this is a flute part.

In this part, 4/4 with tempo 70, I need to tell that a same sustained note (a half, then a dotted half, then an eighth, all tied) should go from mf to pp, and as you guessed, this spans two measures.

I fail to see how I can do this. I have succeeded in adding a bar line and dynamics but it won't do that on playback which probably means I am doing it wrong.

What should I do?

First line - the long story....

 I confess I'm annoyed. For some time the first lines were missing. After the last update you are usually back on the first page. They are still missing on the second page. When I bought the app, everything was fine. The updates have brought the problem. When will this be solved? I like to use musecore, but that's really a problem. Please, please fix that soon. 

UI options — large score previews on mobile

Score previews on the following profile links are TOO BIG and take up 1+ screens, requiring multiple scrolls to see the next score


> Profile> Scores

> Sets> Specific Set
Notice for the last link, because I’ve included score info Just one score requires two or three scrolls on mobile since lyrics and score info are included. They should either be reduced significantly or just look like the “My Scores” screen — cleaner and easier to navigate on mobile (and PC imho)

Thank you!

Option to send pictures and audio through private messages.

I think this would be a great feature, as there are some things that I wouldn't mind sharing with certain people that I don't want everyone to have access to. Also, having it where you can send it directly from your device without having to have it online somewhere else, would be helpful.
However, I think that the user that you're sending it to needs to have the option to approve or deny you sending something, as spammers might send inappropriate pictures, etc.

Play panel

Is there any way of seeing a smaller/plainer Play Panel which only shows the duration of the piece? The numbers were bigger in Musescore 2 and easier to read. I only use play Panel to check where I am in the duration of a piece. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 

Send to YouTube — score display issues

1) Scores with more than 5 staffs
Problem: YouTube Transfer cuts off staff 6+

2) Scores with more than 1 Lyric Verse
Problem: YouTube Transfer condenses verses and obscures all lyrics

3) scores with Staff or System Text
Problem: even if I adjust the text manually or choose automatic placement, YouTube transfer results in the staff or system text obstructing other staff elements

4) Display of multiple systems on a single YouTube frame
Problem: YouTube transfer stacks Systems on top of another system in a single Frame on YouTube, obscuring lyrics on the system displayed on the bottom

A rating system is desperately needed

I search for an arrangement of a popular piece and I am overwhelmed with results:

- Half are just garbage or low effort attempts.
- Some are reasonable arrangements but still miss the mark
- Many are duplicates of another user's submission with slight modifications
- Finally(!), there will be 1 or 2 excellent arrangements

As the popularity of Musescore's online hub increases (this is a good thing!), there absolutely NEEDS to be a system to rate and sort content. Sorting by "Relevance" seems to return results based on views (and maybe favorite counts?) which rather arbitrarily promotes whatever submission is oldest. If it wasn't for the thumbnail pictures giving me a good visual clue of the quality of the piece, I would rarely search for sheet music on this site.

The current Favorites feature is great, but just because I like a piece or think it worthy of promotion doesn't mean I want it saved to my Profile. As a result, I use the Favorite button sparingly, as it should be. A ratings system, separate from Favorites, needs to be implemented.

A ratings system!

I see that this topic comes up periodically, and the usual discussions ensue over whether negative feedback (e.g. thumbs down, 1 star, etc) is against the spirit of the site and so on... but regardless of implementation, can we all agree that this site will soon become near unusable as a content-finding platform without some type of ratings system?

False Advertising by MuseScore...Again

I've posted something about this before, but MuseScore has been posting misleading advertisements about their sale prices for about a year now, and they've done it again with this Summer Sale. Last week I checked the annual Pro membership price because I had been considering working it into my budget for next month, and it was $49, as it has been for some time. So when I saw an advertisement for 60% off of a Pro membership, I reasonably assumed that the price for an annual Pro membership would be somewhere in the ballpark of $20, but of course, that wasn't the case. The sale price is $32.99, which is quite a way off from the purported price of $20 which would satisfy the "60% off" advertisement. The first time I looked into this, I concluded that the advertisements worked on a technicality that raised the "original" price of an annual Pro membership during the period of the sale. While the advertisement technically becomes true when this is considered, this is done without the knowledge of the consumer, as the original price, before or during the sale, is no longer listed anywhere on the advertisement, and with the intent to mislead. If MuseScore wants to hold a sale that's great, but the least that they could do is be honest about the amount of money that people will save. The reasonable fix would be to simply advertise 25% off of the original price, which is close to the 23% that is actually saved during this sale. All I have left to say is that I have been continuously disappointed in this manner and hope that MuseScore has the sense to fix the issue before I'm forced to become more aggressive in spreading awareness of the wool being pulled over our eyes.