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Score page update

 Hey guys,
15 minutes ago we launched new scores pages. It's look like older page, but build on new technology and loading faster. Also it helps us to implement new features faster (like new comments in groups).

We developed and internally tested new score page about 3 weeks. And hope that everything worked fine.
But sometimes something can went wrong. So if you found any bug - feel free to say it, all our team are sitting together here, listen our users and ready to fix everything ASAP.

Max, Dev Team 


I'm always disapointed, that is not possible, to search scores from a certain musical style. If I search for piano, and single instrument, there are stll 1000s of songs. A category would improve a lot. With the system that is established at the moment you just miss a lot of stuff l, that otherwise coukd be more appreciated. Of course nobody wants to click through hundreds of pages.

View count issue

I know that the amount of views you have should increase but as far as I know it shouldn't decrease! I don't know if anyone else has this issue but every now and then I lost a couple of views, I don't know if it's a glitch but please fix it, know my view: like ratio is important and if my views go down, I don't know how many I am meant to have!


Hello @Musescore!

I thought of an amazing idea.

I believe that there should be a category in the upload section, where when you are uploading a piece you either created or rewrote of another composers, there should be different buttons that you can press that say if the piece was said done entirely by you, or rewrote, etc... It would help more people give proper credit, and save time waiting for responses to tell you if it was rewrote or free-handed. And, it would help people give better complements :).

Note input

Musescore is the best thing to cross my horizon.   I don't really read music as do most of our church choir. We only get an hour to practice every week  and I use Musescore to transcribe anthems so that the others can download my private scores and use the wonderful tools on Songbook.
I find using the keyboard to enter notes far easier than Note input,   at 75% it's quite difficult to be accurate.  There's the rub,  it's off by default but the moment you pick up the mouse there it is, behind your back.  If one's not very careful it's altered work you've already done.   There must be some way to keep it off if one so wishes.   Please, please  Toadlily 

Customizable Dashboard

I think as the midst of the year approaches, the dashboard should really be enhanced. Suggestions:
-[EDIT] After* following specific (targetable) users, track their scores and updates.
-Customizable themes for all users. 
-Ability to download directly the original mp3 of the score, with the source soundfont.
-Add more ''thumbnails'', beside ''Browse'' and ''Community''
-[Optional]: Create a general (from dev team), non-user created forum. This is for promoting the site and for more internet users to join.


In light of recent events (see ), I would like to push for something which I know has been suggested before, but which has continued to go ignored.

I would like to see MuseScore attempt to prevent music robbery. It would simply be an option when you upload the score whether or not you want to make the score downloadable. If someone wishes to download your score, you will be sent a request, and you can choose to deny or accept the request.

If this small measure were put into place, I have a feeling that plagiarism would drastically be reduced. I know it is uncommon, but when someone is plagiarising at least three composer's works and claiming credit for it (even selling it), there is a real problem.

As a side note, another art-sharing website similar in concept to MuseScore, SketchFab, employs a similar technique, no doubt to prevent plagiarism and stealing of hard work.

Please consider it.

"Load more" Button on Dashboard Currently Does Not Load More

Today, whenever I click on the "Load more" button on the Dashboard web page, I am redirected to the top of the page instead of loading more entries.

I am currently finding this problem on Chrome on a smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy J3, to be more precise). My OS is Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).

I tried viewing Groups instead of All Activity, and the problem still persists.

I switched browsers on my smartphone to the "Samsung Internet" one, and the problem still persists.

Orchestration Practice Competition RESULTS

There were a lot really close, so all of the numbers are pretty tight :D
so here they are!

First place - @lizzapie
Second place - @vesteel
Third place - @Grimes Music Press

Scores! (in order of judging)
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 20 (1st)
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 18 (3rd)
SCORE - 17
SCORE - 16
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 19 (2nd)
SCORE - 16
SCORE - 17
SCORE - 16

Thank you all! be sure to watch for a summer original competition! :D

*I did average out a little bit the scoring of the scores, so some scores scored higher in caparison to others than what is written, but they all had some really great ideas!!*

How do I add a video to a score?

I want to add a video to a "Trick or Threat" background music score of me singing the lyrics, but I don't know how that works. I HAVE seen it before, so I know that it's possible, but I just need a how so I can finish this why.
Also, for some people, when I'm finished, I need you guys to tell me which of my scores is the worst so I can get rid of that one. (cuz i'm not a pro and don't plan to be)