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Search Function on does not find Tags

It seems like the "Search for sheet music" bar at the top of the website only gives results where a part of the title or description of the score matches the keywords. From what I can tell, the search function does not match the keywords to any tags a score might have: in other words, a score tagged with "epic" that doesn't use "epic" in the title or description will not be found when someone searches for the keyword "epic". This seems fairly problematic, since the reason I use tags on my scores is so people can find them more easily based on a keyword - if they aren't doing this, what is the point of even having tags?

If I'm wrong about this, why does my score "Victory (Piano Solo) - Two Steps From Hell", which has the tag "epic", not show up when I search for "epic"? All other results that I have seen when searching using this keyword have "epic" in the title, description, or even in the name of the user.

Can tags please be added to the search function?

Thank you.

Note entry Mode - aaarrrggghhh

Feature request:
Turn off Note Entry Mode

Much of my work is editing and cleaning up other people's messes. Continually having to type N to get out of NEM (Note Entry Mode) is a lot of extra taps. Even worse is not realizing I'm in NEM and randomly adding random weird notes in random places to an almost completely finished piece.
I realize there are a lot of things that are affected by turning off NEM. I can learn to live with those, no problem.
Thanks for your consideration.

Differences between the graphical statistics and the tables.


I just wanted to let you know that the graphical display of the statistics does not match what the tables show. This applies to the views, but also to the favourites. For example, the day before yesterday it was shown graphically that someone had favored a score from me, and the table does not show that at all - that was noticeable. Probably the deviations are not so big, but it is also about the fact that without the table you don't even know what score it was.

In addition, the profiles page is not updated correctly. I uploaded three scores last night that don't show up.