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In light of recent events (see ), I would like to push for something which I know has been suggested before, but which has continued to go ignored.

I would like to see MuseScore attempt to prevent music robbery. It would simply be an option when you upload the score whether or not you want to make the score downloadable. If someone wishes to download your score, you will be sent a request, and you can choose to deny or accept the request.

If this small measure were put into place, I have a feeling that plagiarism would drastically be reduced. I know it is uncommon, but when someone is plagiarising at least three composer's works and claiming credit for it (even selling it), there is a real problem.

As a side note, another art-sharing website similar in concept to MuseScore, SketchFab, employs a similar technique, no doubt to prevent plagiarism and stealing of hard work.

Please consider it.

"Load more" Button on Dashboard Currently Does Not Load More

Today, whenever I click on the "Load more" button on the Dashboard web page, I am redirected to the top of the page instead of loading more entries.

I am currently finding this problem on Chrome on a smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy J3, to be more precise). My OS is Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).

I tried viewing Groups instead of All Activity, and the problem still persists.

I switched browsers on my smartphone to the "Samsung Internet" one, and the problem still persists.

Orchestration Practice Competition RESULTS

There were a lot really close, so all of the numbers are pretty tight :D
so here they are!

First place - @lizzapie
Second place - @vesteel
Third place - @Grimes Music Press

Scores! (in order of judging)
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 20 (1st)
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 18 (3rd)
SCORE - 17
SCORE - 16
SCORE - 15
SCORE - 19 (2nd)
SCORE - 16
SCORE - 17
SCORE - 16

Thank you all! be sure to watch for a summer original competition! :D

*I did average out a little bit the scoring of the scores, so some scores scored higher in caparison to others than what is written, but they all had some really great ideas!!*

How do I add a video to a score?

I want to add a video to a "Trick or Threat" background music score of me singing the lyrics, but I don't know how that works. I HAVE seen it before, so I know that it's possible, but I just need a how so I can finish this why.
Also, for some people, when I'm finished, I need you guys to tell me which of my scores is the worst so I can get rid of that one. (cuz i'm not a pro and don't plan to be)

I’m updating “Shorts for Trombone” and need suggestions for songs to add

You may have seen my “Shorts for Trombone.” It is by far my most popular score, probably because it pops up if you search  for a lot of popular music. It has not been updated in a while and I would like to add a whole bunch of new excerpts to it. If you have any suggestions, comment them below and I will add pretty much anything.  
I am also interested in creating versions of my shorts for concert pitch treble, Eb treble, F treble, and Bb treble, and a version in bass clef an octave lower than the current version so that more people can play my shorts. I am not pro, so those would be something you would have to ask for.

Here’s the score:

Dashboard notifications not working

I've noticed that some notifications are not showing up on my dashboard. I don't know if it's the "user mention" portion of the new feature, but the comments are simply not appearing on my dashboard. Also, when I'm invited to a group, I do not get a notification on my dash either. I don't know whether or not the invite shows up in my e-mail. Right now I have not easy way to check the e-mail I use for this site, so it is frustrating to not see some notifications on my dashboard. Comments and replies on scores seem to be working. It appears that the problem is just with group-related comments and invites. I know it's not a problem with the settings on my dash, because I have it set to show all activity. Thank you in advance for looking into this problem.

Make your own Instrumentation?

I love how you can now change the instrumentation of your scores, like labeling them as a symphonic orchestra piece, but is there a way to type in your own instrumentation? Some of my scores have weird combinations of instruments that don't belong in a certain category, so I had to use "concert band" for four of them even though those four have instruments that aren't usually in a concert band like violins and violas.

"Mute" users and groups

Recently, some accounts on this site have began flooding groups I am in with scores that I have no interest in and generally do not enjoy, thus cluttering up my dashboard and making it harder to find scores that I want to listen to. I think it would be very convenient and useful if there was an option to effectively "mute" users (or even whole groups) so that any scores/updates they post do not appear on the dashboard.

Bug report about the new comment editor

For the body of discussions (this is only on mobile), the auto correct does not work. If you get a word wrong and the auto correct is normally automatic, it tags it onto the end of the misspelt word, so you have to type really slowly. Example:

ThigsThis is me tyrpingtyping at notmalnormal sperdspeed with tons ogof mistajrsmistakes 

Not only that, but if you're typing a word and you click on the auto correct spelling above your keyboard, it doesn't correct. Please fix this! ItsIt's incredibly annoying. 

Uploads with no visible content ... ?!

Here's a new phenomenon : .
As I'm posting this Discussion, the composer's Title and Description appears in Search returns " The Ragtime Peril / Kyesel / 0 parts •     0 pages •     00 •     6 hours ago •     0 views / Haven't posted anything in a while, but I like this one. " 
However the score-page - though it actually exists - is completely blank, except for the 'Your Comment' box. I just tried leaving a Comment there, but the white 'C' shape just goes round and round, forever - the story of users' lives ... ;-)