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What is the 'go' with downloads?!

I think an explanation is necessary to clarify why the graph line for downloads does not correlate with the score numbers for them. Today's graph shows something that looks like 9 downloads but there are none recorded against a score. Similar discrepancies occur, almost daily. On the 11th March, the graph shows 51 downloads but there were only 24 views and 4 downloads recorded against a score. I have mentioned this issue previously, without result.

What is going on?

Group options/settings

Whenever i join a group, the next day i look at my dashboard and its full with things saying " (person) has just added (song) to (group i'm in)". This gets annoying because then i can't see if my favorite user has uploaded another score or if somebody comments on one of my scores. So I want a setting option where you can turn off notifications for different things (like thread posts, thread replies, song additions, etc.)and for different groups

Orchestration Practice Competition!!

Well I decided to do a competition here in the spring while waiting for the summer competition :D


you must do an arrangement of this polka type piece -
( )
using this template -
( )

You must be creative! this competition is all about being creative with the colors in the orchestra, the winning score will be judged on usages of color and creativity! :D

Deadline: Must submit before April 1st. (unless not enough entries have been made, then I will change it to May 1st)

Have fun Everyone! :D

(put links to your arrangements down below!)

And once the submissions are closed, I will post a score with my own Orchestration :D

Uploaded .mscz files play back a half step higher on

Before I file a bug report, I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this. My files play back on a half step higher than what I hear when I play the file directly from my computer. I haven't checked all my uploaded files, but this seems to be true of recent uploads as well as those from a couple of years ago. Has something changed with the website? I think I would have noticed it before.

Score stuck in processing?

I mentioned this to thobmasbonte on irc just now but he seems to be offline:

somehow still has "Your revised score is being processed. It will replace the current one below when ready." even though I last updated it 10 hours ago. I'll admit I do believe I updated it with the same .mscz file twice in rapid succession. Anyway, it seems like the processing is stuck. So maybe the processing for that needs to be canceled somehow?

What even...

So my latest post, Epoch, sounded fine on my computer. No corruption errors, nothing bad in the file, no reason to get messed up. I upload it, and then take a listen. It goes from being what sounds like a group of expert djent artists chugging away on guitars to a bunch of fourth graders trying to play hot cross buns and mary had a little lamb on all the instruments.

Is it the version of Musescore I use? I use 2.0.3, but it's worked in the past for other uploads.