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Playback not loading?

I’m not sure if a problem with the website or my computer itself, but whenever I go to play a score it just gets stuck showing the blue loading bar and never plays it. Sometimes it’ll even freeze and I have to struggle just to close out of the internet. I’ve had similar problems with the mobile website too.

Feature Request: Add ability to solo percussion instruments & Bug

Currently, the online player substitutes percussion instruments for piano when soloing (Musescore 3). Please allow the soloing of percussion instruments with the synthesizer. This would significantly help viewers.

In the right column, percussion instruments are misidentified as "Strings, Piano(6), Synthesizer". See link for example.

Looking for an Indoor Writer?

Hey, guys! I'm Pete-Michael Nwokedi! I am a front ensemble writer and I am willing to write for your group if you need a concept! I write for front ensemble (including drumset, timpani, bass/electric guitar, and synths (even MalletStation)) and marching cymbals! If you need battery to be written as well, I also have a battery writer at my side! Contact me at and I'll respond as soon as possible!
- Pete-Michael Nwokedi


The second most commented user is goes by the name 'ZachTMusic'
I think he used to be 'thebasscleffguy' but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I've been trying to find his comments because I've been trying to pass him for over 6 months and know he has been inactive, but I can't find a single comment of his in the groups he is a part of. Could someone direct me to a discussion he is in? or could you help me figure out why I can't see any comments he has posted? For all of the other top users even below him they've had enough comments for me to easily see it. When I search up the name ZachTMusic I only see the discussion asking who he is. could you all help me out?