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Scores being taken down for copyright issues??

I've had two of my pieces taken down in one week because of quote: "We received a report that your score "New Sight - UltraHQ Audio!! :D" is infringing on someone else's author rights. We have taken down this content from MuseScore for the time being." 
Has anyone else been getting their scores reported?? I've added in my deputes that this is becoming a problem.. Both pieces that have been taken down are completely original, and even when it isn't 100% original, I always give full credit to co-author and would never post something not my own or non-public domain. I am starting to get upset, especially if this is someone going around and reporting my scores for who knows what reason.

Trance/Hardstyle listeners?

Hi all, recently joined MuseScore to upload some transcriptions/arrangement of some Trance and Hardstyle songs that I really enjoy. I'll be arranging plenty more, but just wanted to put out a feeler to see if there's anyone out there that also enjoys Trance of Hardstyle. Still counts as EDM since it's electronically made but I'm arranging for piano, right?

Here's 'Sun and Moon' by Above and Beyond if you want to have a listen!!

Super Powers!

I asked my brothers what superpowers they would want, and here are their responses: Brother 1, "telekinesis" (pretty common, but a good choice) Brother 2, "I want the ability to control the size of my d*ck on command. (WHAT) My personal choice is either time manipulation, or infinite energy absorption and emission. Anybody here put any thought into what they would want?

Need Prayers and Good Vibes

Hey guys, so on Sunday I woke up with a minor (no pun intended) pain in my right leg. Closer to my thigh. I thought it was because I slept funny. Anyways, got a little worse yesterday while I was at the store. I ended up limping pretty badly. Anyways, went to bed, and I woke up, and it’s 11:42 and I’m still in bed, because I can’t move. It hurts so bad, ANY move I make feels like someone is stabbing me in my leg. So, hopefully I can get to a physical therapist if I can actually be able to move. But I have my choir tour soon, and I have so so much that I have to accomplish and prepare before that. All my stuff HAS to be packed by the 17th, and I’m running out of time. Please pray for me, or send me some good energy. I really could use it right now.

I literally can’t move anywhere. :P

College, Anyone?

Hello all! :) I'm curious and have a question for you guys.

Are any of you guys either A) planning to go to college/university to study music or B) already doing just that? It would be nice to know I'm not the only one lol. Plus, a lot of you guys are definitely talented enough to major in music and eventually become super successful!

Anyway, if you are in college or planning to go to college to major in music, what are you majoring in, exactly? Music composition? Music therapy? Music Ed? Performance? Or just general music? :)

If anyone is thinking about it but is unsure about making that decision just yet, lemme give you a li'l nudge. I'm double-majoring MusiComp and language personally, so if someone as bad as me is majoring in comp, then trust me, you can too. xD

Love y'all! :D Thanks for putting up with my random question haha. xD