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I think someone took my arrangement, what do I do?

About a month ago I uploaded my transcription of Sommarfågel by Wintergatan. Here:

I was updating my score today and decided to browse what others had done.

I stumbled upon an arrangement by JLevasier,, posted about a month after mine. It appears to be an exact copy of my arrangement, except for instrument changes and transpositions up/down octaves. Even my dynamics are there.

Obviously, I am not the original author of the piece, as it was written by the band Wintergatan. I also used two YouTube videos, which I credited in my description, to help with some of the transcription. However, some of my upload is original, as I couldn't transcribe everything perfectly. Some of the bass and violin parts are of my own doing.

I don't know much about music ownership or copyright. Since I'm not the original author, does that mean that it's okay for JLevasier to reupload my arrangement with a few minor changes? I commented on his/her upload for credit in their description. Should I have done that? Any comments on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all and have a nice day!

I added a new piece! :)

 Hi guys! For those of you who missed it, yesterday I shared this arrangement of “Killer Queen"

Today I opted for something different, "Summer" by Joe Hisaishi

Moreover, I created this entertainment channel where you can find the performances from which the scores are taken!

I hope you like it! ...and sorry for my bad English :D

New (old) Piano Piece

I'm new to Musescore online but I've been playing around with the program for years. My musical knowledge far outruns my ability to play piano, but I'm having fun with it. Let me know what you think!

This piece was written when I was in college. I sent a hard copy to my cousin, and after a computer crash I lost my files. She sent it back to me years later so I was able to re-write it.

Collab with romain_gandillet - 'Melody over Reminiscence'

 This work is taking the piece called ''Reminiscence'' by @romain_gandillet (link here:
) and creating a melody that sits on top of the piece, thus creating a new piece. The idea is inspired from the comment section of the gandillet's piece, where @Jenne Van Antwerpen commented how the piano sounds like Bach's prelude C major from WTC band 1 and that one could try adding a melody on top like Gounod did for Bach.