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Can some one explain the musescore behavior on ligatures

Hi! I'm a novice in musical notation and saxophone playing. I've been practicing alto sax for 2.5 years and suddenly I realized that musescore performs different the ligature notation. I was told that when is an arc above 2 or more notes should be played as one of the total length of the notes if they are the same or as an expresion if they are different. What I've seen in musescore is that in partitures played on my computer the arc above the several ocurrences of the same note are played individually. Is that wright or there is a bug in my system ...

I'm using windows 10

I hope I´ve been clear enough, thanks


Anyone willing to help a scrub out?

I'm not a percussionist at all. I play piano, but I can't hold a percussion stick or read rhythms for the life of me.
A while back, I created High Hopes from P!ATD and I noticed I am really bad at writing percussion ensembles. I was wondering if anyone could tutor me in their free time or show me how to make some actually good parts. :')