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So at my school, the band is basically a place of memes. Everyone goes around playing careless whisper, all star, megalovania, you name it! I was wondering if anyone knew of an alto saxophone version of the song "Mia Khalifa" specifically the part "Hit or miss- I guess they never miss, huh?". Thank you, sorry for my weird request.

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I Finally Completed My First Album " Epakande - The First Year ". These are the Music Pieces of it. 

Op. 1 - December Winds ( Nocturne in D Minor ) -

Op. 2 - China -

Op. 3 - La Mattina ( The Morning ) -

Op. 4 - Der Kolibri ( The Hummingbird ) -

Op. 5 - Etude in A Minor (Dance Of Death ) -

Any Comment would Be Highly appreciated. 

8va/8vb Problem.


I have a problem with my 8va/8vb Octave. If I place the 8va/8vb at a measure and extend it to 3 more measures, it only covers the 1rst measure I placed it at. Another problem I have with the 8va /8vb is when i'm at the end of my page and I want to extend it to the next page it will not extend to the next page. Any advice would be greatly helpful. :)