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Can you give me some opinions about this piece?

Also, what publisher would publish obscure pieces like this (and the other pieces of this set)?
I already asked Alistair Hinton, but they only publish Sorabji's pieces on the Sorabji-archive (which seems to be plausible)...
And I don't know about the Schott-Verlag...
Henle only takes very well known composers...
So I don't know who I should send the finished product to
(which will be set as private or be deleted completely before, during and after the publication-process, if the publisher wants me to do so!)

Top-50 jazz sax players

Came across the list of "top 50 greatest jazz saxophone players of all time", thinking that the list is quite good. But I would place Pharoah Sanders at list in the Top-5 (he is in the end of the list, but, in my opinion, that's not right), for me he is one of the best ;Ornette Coleman was really great as well. What you guys think about the list and what changes would you make in it?