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Airy/thin bari tone on a new bari sax

So today, I just got my brand new bari :,). It was totally amazing but I found that the tone quality on the upper octave G to B sounded like they totally had an air leak. The sound just dipped in sound, and an audible leaky sound was coming though. I know there isn't really an issue with the rest of the bari but the notes sound so weak and undesirable. Any ways to fix this?

P.S: The octave mechanics seems to be fine, since the first octave closes shut when the other is activated and vice versa.

EDIT: When the air rushes out of the octave openings, it hits against the pads, making an airy, thin sound. I think this effect is similar to what happens when you whistle, but bring a finger close to the opening of your lips, making a weakened, airy sound. What do I do?

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Imagine yourself standing by the sidewalk. The sky darkens and drops of rain start to fall. You are holding an umbrella, standing still, and quietly listening to the tune sung by the rain drops as they one by one kiss the ground. You are soaking but you still wish for the rain to last forever and for you to stand still and quietly listen to the melody that came from above for eternity. 
Forever Rain:
Also if you want more of my stuff, you may listen to my first piece.

Working on a Piano Sonata

I am working on my third piano sonata. What is so special about this sonata is that I dedicated it to Beethoven. So I am using components of Beethoven's style such as sudden dynamic changes with my melodies and harmony. 

I am working on the first movement right now and so far I have this:

Introduction: Andante with octave tremolos in the right hand going down 2 octaves of the C minor scale and arpeggios in the left hand, piano until the forte chord at the end
Exposition: Allegro with lots of chords, forte ending on fortissimo chords

I only have a few measures of the Allegro section so far. 

The Andante section sounds melancholy and it is supposed to represent the end of Beethoven's life. The Allegro section so far sounds dramatic and is supposed to represent me as a composer continuing down Beethoven's path as if I was Beethoven II and also how important Beethoven is as an influencing composer to me. C minor is a very fitting key for both of these emotions.

Feedback on my nocturne

I uploaded my nocturne. Here is the link:

I would love some feedback on it. I have heard from another person that I kind of use the same rhythm over and over. I honestly didn't plan on changing the rhythm because nocturnes typically will have a triplet rhythm. And the rhythm of the melody I think is part of why it sounds so beautiful to me. Also it is Bb which is a key I associate with a moonlit night.

I composed it over 3 days.  Anyway, what do you think?