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Help? I can't think of any melodies

I've been having a really hard time making music recently. The only piece I've been able to work on is a chorale for piano duet, except that I don't have access to it right now. I've been having some serious trouble with coming up with musical ideas and I have no idea how to help myself. I've always struggled with creating melodies specifically, but I can't seem to do anything at all. Any ideas how I can jog my brain? This is a very uncomfortable mindset

How many pets u got?

I loooove animals so I was wondering how many pets everyone has and what are their names??

I live on a farm and we have:
 18 chickens (only 3 have names, Pinocchio, Batman, and Lenny the hen who thinks she's a cat).
3 goats named Domonic, Daisy, and Oreo.
One old pig named Tatianna.
One rabbit named Munch.
9 cats named Inkpot, Mr. T, Hansel, Jefferson, Martha, Hedwig, and the newborn kittens, Mercury (named after Freddie Mercury), Tater Tot, and Sir Meowsalot (A.K.A. Skippy).
And my two fish, Ivan Draco and Ziggy Stardust.

What's a country or civilization that isn't recognized that you wish still exists?And Why?

It could be a country that lost rights or, was taken over. The people of that place could still be around but the place would not be recognized. (It could be the Mayans, Aztecs or Crimea etc. )I'm pretty new to this forum so idk if this was already posted. 

For me, I wish that my homeland Tibet still existed. (Tibet was a country that was squished between Nepal and China. It was annexed in 1959 by the Chinese Communist Party and now,  it is split up into many different provinces of China.) I just wish that Tibet gains independence so I can visit the place of my people.

Scores not playing when the play button is pressed (seems to be related to default audio)


Many of my older scores that use VideoScores as "Default Audio" no longer play when the user presses the play button. For instance: .

If I go to "Manage Audio", select the VideoScore and uncheck "Default Audio", the score plays normally.

There does not appear to be anything in error with the underlying VideoScore and this feature was working last month. I'm hoping this can fixed on the web-side as I have many scores that are affected by this issue and there is no user remedy for the listener; disabling the "Default Audio" is not an option when custom audio was used.


i'm addicted to solitaire

I play it all the time
i make myself stay up until midnight to do the daily challenges as early as possible
it's basically all i do on my laptop
I've done every single daily challenge this month and there are 5 daily challenges a day
i feel so so so proud of myself when i complete a deck that was really difficult