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Scissors Story

So this happened earlier today at my school. Basically, some dude in my grade took a pair of scissors, took them apart, and used them to attempt to stab 3 different people. The best he got was one of them was bleeding from the finger, but the point is that he didn’t exactly intend for them to leave in one piece. A few minutes later, where only the involved people have heard about this, half the school administration comes down to get him. From the rumors I’ve heard, he got 3 weeks of OSS and a Police Referral. Anyone had something like this happen at their school?

New group - Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations!

Come and join our new group Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations!
It's yet another group controlled by RSA, where we run competitions (yes more competitions), and is designed to be a hub for collaborators. I may run some huge group collaborations in the future, along with some competitions.

I will be starting the first competition when we reach 30 members, since that seems to be the standard. I will also be looking for a couple of admins, although I haven't made up my mind how to decide.

So, here's the link. Come and join in!

Welcome to Let’s Reach 2,000+ Members!


I am Lizzapie, the new owner of this group! I am excited to help this group Reach 2,000+ Members. If you have any suggestions for new members, please feel free to contact me ;)

Please feel free to post some fun discussions to keep conversation going! Just make sure to keep your discussions free from profanity, offensive topics or statements, and bullying.

Also, I have noticed many people advertising scores in this group. That is great! However, please keep it to a minimum (at least once a week). If I see that you have posted the same discussion in multiple groups, I will take it down. It is rather unsettling for people who are scrolling through the community section to see the same discussion multiple times.


Now, LET’S REACH 2,000+ MEMBERS!!! :D

Pictures in this group

Uh...just for the sake of not having to scroll through a mile of pictures in the discussion section, do those of you who like posting pictures mind posting your pictures (if it's really large, or if there's more than one) in the comment section instead?

That way, those who want to see your pictures can click your discussion and those who want to read other discussions don't have to scroll as much :P

Thanks!! :D

(btw I will be editing discussions by removing the pictures and re-posting them in the comments)