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If you don't mind, I would like to request ownership of the group Piano Company, if no one else has yet to.

While there are active users in this group still, the owner themself (and a majority of, if not all of, the other admins) do not appear to have been active recently. I would love to revamp the group and start trying to build it up and maintain it again!

Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

Feature request: add ability to play Musescore app with screen off.

Please consider adding the ability to play the Musescore android app with the screen turned off. There are plenty of situations where musicians may wish not to have the screen on while listening to a score on their portable device, such as when travelling. Right now, users can't put their mobile device in their pocket while listening without the  screen being triggered accidentally. Also, the app automatically stops, won't play in the background, when the user switches to another task on the device. Lastly, having to keep the screen on when listening, also wastes battery life. With my other musician apps, such as metronomes and mp3 audio players, I can listen to them while I am out walking or doing some other physical activity and have my phone tucked away. Thanks, Sam