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instrument players. i need your help!

I was looking for composers who will help me create a song for a school talent show, and I won't be able you pay you but I will credit you with helping me. because I'm in a select choir and will be pursuing a music career I can mention you names to many people. also if I do I may be able to get you more people to ask you to create and maybe earn money from those people.

Join the Piano Battles Group

In this group, 16 people will be entered in a tournament. Edward will assign a song and you will have to upload it on musescore, and the best people on that song will move on to the next round. Like you will be against somebody from the group. You will compete against him, and If you win, you will move on to the winners of round 1. You must be serious about this, this means that you must do it if you signed up and no joking around! Only 16 spots!!! Be the first to sign up now!!, This means that there were 16 spots open now there are 4 spots left!

Watch>>>Raiders vs Chargers NFL Live Streams>>Free

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is a dangerous option as a runner or pass receiver and will be tested when the Los Angeles Chargers face the Packers on Sunday. (AP Photo / Mike Rome)

By Geoffrey C. Arnold | Oregonian / OregonLive
One of the most popular teams in the Green Bay Packers League. The Packers look to win their fifth game of the season (1:25:25 PT / 4: 25: PT, CBS, DirectTV) on Week 9 when they face the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

You can watch the live stream of the game on with your cable provider login, or you can watch the game live for free with FuboTV (free trial).

Green Bay (7-1) started their run early in the season with a strong defensive performance. Now, the offense is clicking with quarterback Aaron Rodgers playing at the MVP level. But it is the combination of Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams in the Packers run game that further enhanced the Packers' offense. As dangerous as Jones being out of the backfield as a runner or receiver, he won 159 yards and two touchdowns against Kansas City in Week 8.

The Chargers (1-4) defeated the Chicago Bears in the 7th week, striking out a three-game losing streak, but the win didn't save offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who was sacked this week. The Chargers are averaging 6.5 points a game, and despite running back Melvin Gordon, the game is averaging 691.8 yards.

Need someone to help me finishing this piece

Hey guys! :) A few month ago I started to compose a piece. Now I'm still working on it, but I haven't got any further ideas. That's why I need your help. I would be very pleased if anyone is motivated to finish this composition. So feel free to send me a message or just finish or adjust this piece how you like and send me a link or anything if your finished, that would be very cool. Thank you! I hope you'll be having fun with it! :)