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Piano sonata progress: 1 out of 3

So I am finished with the first movement. Now that all that I have is the slow movement and the rondo, I should be able to finish the sonata in time for Mozart's birthday. Thing is, I'm having an issue when it comes to the section break at the end. I made there be a repeat at the end but with that, the section break delays the repeat by 3 seconds. Is there a way to get it to only delay it in between sections without affecting the repeats?  

The Virtuoso Piano Discussion-Contest! (First Attempt in Hosting a Contest)

You may recognize this post if you joined the Get Your Music Heard! group. I've been searching for a good piano solo song that shows a degree of virtuoso, intellect and emotion, for quite some time now, and I'm wondering whether the members of this group has got what it takes to impress me! Each week I will set a particular style to follow (that is, to compose), and the style of piece allowed will change every week. Here is a guideline for some simple rules to follow:

1. Instrument: Piano Solo only
2. Duration of piece: Maximum of 7 minutes
3. Style of piece that is allowed this week: Impressionistic and/or Etude
4. Only one piece per person per style
5. How to leave the comment:
Example -> Etude:
Example -> Challenge accepted: (add link)

The submitted piece must be at the same difficulty and/or harder than these pieces mentioned:

1. "Prelude to the Water Sprites" from Prelude to the Water Sprites/The Water Sprites Allure and Curse by The Curious Guy:
2. "Splashes" from Reflections: A Suite of Picturesque Experiences by Skylighter
3. "Prelude in G# minor" by trngl
4."Etude in B major" by JustisB
5. "Paraphrase on Carol of the Bells" by yesverymuch

a) Do an Impressionist music representing the sea that is harder and/or equal to Prince781's At Sea -> link:

b) Do a etude for the left hand only

I will personally rate them from a scale of 1-5. I rarely give a 1, but it's also very hard to earn a 4.5 to 5. The winner is the one with the highest rating in the week, and those with a score of 4.6 and above will be featured in the following week's contest and may possibly judge the next style's contest.  I hope you join, and I look forward to listen! 

Transcription Challenge

So I am thinking of transcribing the Nutcracker Suite for piano duet. I think I can still get the Mozart dedicated piano sonata finished by Mozart's birthday if I focus more on the sonata during the day, when my dad isn't using his computer and focus more on the transcription at night. Besides, I have the development section almost finished, a milestone for me in sonata composition. So I basically can dedicate the rest of the month of composition to the second and third movements since the recapitulation will be super easy and I could do it within minutes.

The reason I am going for a piano duet? I have seen the piano solo transcriptions and boy do they look hard, especially all those fast scales. I think it would be easier for a pianist if there was a duet version. Also, there is only 1 piano duet transcription of it on IMSLP, most of them are for something like 6 cellos, or some other instrument group or are single movements. So I figured I could have a go at transcribing the orchestral score into a piano duet score. I also figured I could make it sound richer but still playable if I go with a duet transcription.

So hopefully I can get this transcription done. But I am not forcing a deadline on this like I am with the sonata. I am just hoping I can get it all transcribed.