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Transcription Challenge

So I am thinking of transcribing the Nutcracker Suite for piano duet. I think I can still get the Mozart dedicated piano sonata finished by Mozart's birthday if I focus more on the sonata during the day, when my dad isn't using his computer and focus more on the transcription at night. Besides, I have the development section almost finished, a milestone for me in sonata composition. So I basically can dedicate the rest of the month of composition to the second and third movements since the recapitulation will be super easy and I could do it within minutes.

The reason I am going for a piano duet? I have seen the piano solo transcriptions and boy do they look hard, especially all those fast scales. I think it would be easier for a pianist if there was a duet version. Also, there is only 1 piano duet transcription of it on IMSLP, most of them are for something like 6 cellos, or some other instrument group or are single movements. So I figured I could have a go at transcribing the orchestral score into a piano duet score. I also figured I could make it sound richer but still playable if I go with a duet transcription.

So hopefully I can get this transcription done. But I am not forcing a deadline on this like I am with the sonata. I am just hoping I can get it all transcribed.

Reviewed version of another dramatic piece!

By a small chance, you might have stumbled upon this last year, when I wrote it. I was not happy with the coda so it changed. Now, I've decided to move on and compose new things as I always see small imperfections and I will not bother being stuck with one piece throughout 1+ year. Anyways, pardon the rant. If you have not checked this out, then you are missing out! (Yes, I am literally asking you to check out this awesome piece that my former self wrote)
P.S Happy Holidays!