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Music box composing!

Hello there,

So I found out about this small music box community that solely make arrangements and compositions for programmable music boxes. ( with punching cards you can actually make yourself like this: )

It's a different and maybe more approachable way of writing music than most of you know probably, everything can be found on this website:

I have been tinkering myself with it for a while now and i thought some of you might be interested in something new!

Rewind button not working again

I don't know if this is happening with all scores but it is happening with my Pathetique Sonata for Orchestra score. The rewind button is not working. I tried rebooting my computer just to see if that was the issue and it wasn't. It still isn't working after the reboot.

Here is my computer and browser that I'm using:

Windows 10 Dell Inspiron 15 

Mozilla Firefox

Any idea what is causing this issue or when it will be fixed?

Claim request for Orchestral Group


I have PMd the groups owner ( Trumviolpianclar ) to no response, and they are not on the first 35 pages of most active users. Since I am a fairly active user, on page 3 and I log on everyday and am an orchestral composer, I would like to claim the ownership of the group Orchestral Group. Thanks for your time and consideration.

-SSS5, Max C.

I uploaded a piece for orchestra and the instruments got changed to synthesizers and keyboards.

So this is rather funny and infuriating. The instrumentation was for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and String Ensemble, and somehow the website changed it to Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboard, Guitar, Percussion, Accordion, and Harmonica. Seriously? I am quite dumbfounded at the moment.

Get a load of the spectacle here.