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Goodbye - "Hachi: A Dog's tale" (FEEDBACK) ; Piano & String Orchestra

Have any of you seen the movie "Hachi: A Dog's tale"?
Well, I've taken the liberty to transcribe (or do the best I could) the main theme called "Goodbye". The movie is very emotional and part of that is because of the music, composed by Jan A.P Kaczmarek.
I could not find any sheet music (besides some for piano, which was sort of inaccurate anyway) so I decided to transcribe it myself.

I'd love feedback though! Thanks in advance!

Here it is:

Piece written for the piano in mind in a kind of a rondo form

Need your feedback guys. This is my first piece written for the piano in mind from the beginning. The idea was the piece should be playable by myself, not a great piano player still. And initially it is started as a ballad in a rondo form.

How do you think what can be done better in the piece?

The title I've given to the piece came to my mind after the piece was done. So if the music brings a different feeling to you than the idea suggested in the title, please share yours.