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Stan ft. Elton John by Eminem

in Piano

So I am a big fan of both Eminem and Elton John and recently my friend told me that there was a collaboration between the two. ( )

Right then and there I told him to show me the piece and when I heard it I was amazed. So when I went home I looked for the piano sheet music but I couldn’t find anything that was up to standards.

So can anyone please make compose the sheet music. I’d be extremely greatful. :)

New To Learning of Piano

in Piano

Hello, i have recently started learning piano from youtube and one of my friend recommend me this group. 

This is just an introductory post, to establish communication with the community, so forgive me if i do or mention something which is against the rules.

I have started learning 2 months back, initally i have started earning from youtube but now have i bought a few online course from udemy which are quite awesome.

By profession i m a blogger working on now a days which is basically an ebook site.

I hope i would have a nice time here.

Star Wars comp. challenge

in Piano

I challenge the community to arrange the following music:

1)Battle of the Heroes
2)Anakin v.s. Obi-wan
3)Star wars (main title)
4)The Battle of Crait
5)Canto Bight
6)Finale (from any star wars of your choosing)

That's just about it, there is no necessary deadline.
Good luck, and may the force be with you


I realize that since piano isn't exactly my primary instrument I don't exactly know what's playable or not. I was trying to practice the music and when I got to measure 9, I felt like I had to put my left hand in really uncomfortable positions for the rest of the piece. So, is it actually something that's good for playing or will I have to rearrange the intervals?