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Definition of lyrics

To post a song to this page it must contain either:
1) Words written to matching notes within the score
2) Chants, such as Ahhs, Ohs etc written to notes within the score
3) Words written to a specific staff, within the score, that are meant to be spoken
4) Words that, (usually tell a story), that are written as system notes within the score

Any songs that do not have lyrics within the score itself can only be posted to a discussion.

Lyrics written in the description but not within the score do not qualify the song to be posted to this groups page.

Lyrics revisited

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I have noticed that although this is the lyrics group only the songs I have posted on here have lyrics! I write/compose music based upon the lyrics, so I would welcome the idea of lyricists posting their lyrics that have no music written for them for collaboration on new songs. Writing good saleable lyrics is difficult, and not to many people will like my lyrics, so I could use help in writing better lyrics also. So ..... lyricists, post new lyrics for collaboration on musical composition, and assist others to become better lyricists.

Auditions for The Musescore Virtual Orchestras

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I want to start on a huge project, that requires the help of everyone! Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, I will be compiling recordings of a large number of people, into one track.
Auditions have started and will run through the 13th of June. The piece we will be performing is most likely going to be one of my original compositions and will be a huge undertaking.
As of right now, we are short of String players and Vocalists. If you are interested or would like to audition, the link is below and you can email me, at the email below.
The link is
My email is:
Thank you for everyone's support !!!
Hope to see you in The Musescore Virtual Orchestra!

Lyric submission/offering/suggestion....

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They all check me out when I'm riding on the escalator.
The women check me out.
The men check me out.
They all want to know what it's all about.
They all check me out when I'm riding on the escalator.

I've got hostility.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah.
I've got hostility.
Late in the evening, when your day is through,
You're sound asleep, everything is alright.
But I'm wide awake, just thinkin' 'bout you
Makes me grind my teeth in the middle of the night.
I grind my teeth, I grind my teeth, I grind my teeth in the middle of the night.
I've got hostility.

Also, you can get ideas from the Letterman show, like..

Goin' down that road, I know I won't be turnin' back.
Gotta dig a new basement. Gotta get contractors.
I won't be turnin' back.

Feel free all to chop/mangle/rebuild/apply.


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I have recently been writing lyrics and have not shared them with anyone but want to. I think it would be a good idea to put lyrics (that have no music) into this group as a discussion. And then gather opinions of others and help to edit or change lines in each of the lyrics. If you agree reply on this Discusion with 'yes'. 10 yes' and it should be done.

I found this really interesting...

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This lists most of the different key signatures and the moods they convey. I found it really interesting how putting a song in a different key can really change the mood of a song.
Now try this: If you have a song in D major, transpose it down a half step to D-flat. Sounds really different, huh?
Now transpose it up to E-flat. It sounds even more different.
Again, it's really interesting. Peace. c:


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My name is Genni Shades and I'm a n00b to this group. I figured I'd introduce myself.

I'm a young composer/arranger/songwriter, although I focus most of my energy on arranging. I do a lot of choral arrangements of popular rock, pop, punk, and grunge songs. (I already have 2 Nirvana arrangements.) I also am the main songwriter in my punk/hardcore/industrial band which is called Wilted Roses, but we're probably gonna change it to like The Fruitcups or something.

I hope you enjoy my music! (: