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This is a super fun game I just remembered cause I read a comment about Mollymawk and remembers that in her Tag Readers United group, we used to play this game!
Basically, I start by saying a word (like donut) and you think of a word that relates to that in some way (dessert). If you need an example you can find one right here ( I wasn't active in that group until later but I enjoyed reading the stuff they would write on there lol
didn't think i'd have to add this since it's a given but you have to wait for someone to respond until you can post another word

Trying A Daily Challenge...

I'm gonna (try) post a daily challenge and post the answer after about a day.
1. No calculators (for this one)
2. No internet.

Ok, here we go...
1. Puzzle scholar David Singmaster noticed the following pattern while invigilating an exam. He didn't get the T key jammed on his laptop.
What's the next letter?
(Sourced from book 'Can You Solve My Problems?')

Why? Because Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty one... and the next number is forty.

Well done Caroline Kennedy, grimniightssweeper, Jaybird1, Kenobiingondolin2019, Astronix2, Lilianialoy!

Idea: The RSA News

I had an idea to keep people who can't check musescore too often up to speed on important events in RSA, since there are a lot of discussions, so some people might not have time to read them all. Somebody (probably me) could post a weekly discussion about key events of the week. For example, some key events this week include the idea of starting a musescore podcast and also that there was another large-scale troll on musescore. Thoughts?


 Buenos días - - POR FAVOR COMO HAGO, PARA ELIMINAR DOS TEMAS QUE IMPORTÉ DE .pdf, por error de mi parte ? - - se trata del tema que está en COLA, y el otro tema también - - gracias - - sds. cordiales - - QUISIERA ADJUNTARLES CAPTURA DE PANTALLA, PERO ME PARECER, QUE NO ME LO PERMITE.
(Como se hace - también - para subir un archivo ?)- Gracias de nuevo. 

Dotted passages

I have been finding long dotted passages rather tedious to enter, as one need to change the note duration for each note - so I looked for a trick to ease the task.

1) For (eg) dotted quaver semi-quaver, enter the entire passage as straight quavers from MIDI keyboard. Do not deal with enharmonic changes or cautionaries at this stage.

2) Go back to the first note and dot it using the full stop on the keyboard.  Then the entire passage can be dotted from the keyboard by repeating the pattern (right arrow) (right arrow) (full stop) as necessary. At the same time one can proof listen/read and correct enharmonics and precautionary accidentals.

This latter stage goes faster if you define keyboard shortcuts for sharp natural and flat (I use cmd alt  s/n/f) as this allows you to leave your hands on the keyboard all the time.

The Songs with Guitar/banjo.

This is a list of songs that I believe have guitar/banjo. (Banjo Credits go to @TheRealDjimbo)

Die House.
Botanic Panic. (Ban.)
Ruse of an Ooze. (Ban.)
Floral Fury. 
Clip Joint Calamity. (Ban)
Inkwell Isle 1 (Ban.)
Inkwell Isle 2.
Sugarland Shimmy.
Carnival Kerfuffle.
Fiery Frolic.
Legendary Ghost.
Pyramid Peril.
Victory Tune.
Shootin' 'n' lootin'.
Dramatic Fanatic.
Murine Corps.
Junkyard Jive.
High Seas Hi-Jinx.
Railroad Wrath.
All Bets are Off.
Inkwell Hell.
The King's Court.
Admission to Perdition.
Winner Takes All
Closing Credits.

My Combat Strategy

Hinox: I shoot a bomb arrow at a sleeping Hinox first, when it wakes up, I shoot the eye with any arrow, then while it's stunned, I use Urbosa's Fury to finish it. Usually this strategy works with every type of Hinox.

Lynel: With a Lynel, I always start off getting close to one, it does no good to be far away and it shooting at you (because of their uncanny aiming abilities). When I'm close enough, I do  perfect dodges to attack him, then I use Urbosa's Fury to stun him. Once stunned, I ride it and slash at it's back until it throws me off. But! When it throws me off I do a slow mode bow and arrow shot on the back of its head to get some last minute headshots in.

Molduda: Bomb and bomb arrows, when stunned on the desert ground, Urbosa's Fury.

Stalker Guardian: With a Stalker, I have several different strategies: 1st. I use Master Cycle Zero to slow mode shoot Walkers in the eye with guardian arrow. 2nd. Break off all legs of Stalker (just for the fun of it. . . and for extra parts), and Urbosa's Fury. 3rd. Stand perfectly still so that the Stalker stops moving to try to shoot you, then shoot him perfectly in the eye with a Guardian Arrow (although this can be super dangerous as you need to be quick, or else the Guardian will finish you off instead). And lastly, perfect parry with a guardian shield, or any other high damage shield.

Android MuseScore app fails to open MuseScore files

The MuseScore app (with the integrated Songbook functionality) fails to open MuseScore files (e.g. on the file system or as e-mail attachments). The MuseScore app is simply not suggested as an app to open a .mscz file with.

Any other users having issues with this?

The good old MuseScore Songbook app (not available anymore for new users) doesn't have any problems with that on my Android devices.