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[New Feature] Personal Messages

Hello everyone!

We’ve got something new for you 🙂.

Prior to today, when someone wanted to write a personal message to another user there was only one option: to send him an email from the Feedback Form. This wasn’t the best option, as some people didn't want to receive email messages, it was difficult to reply, etc.

Today we’re releasing an easier way to communicate with other users: sending personal messages through My Chats.

You’ll see a new section of the User Menu called “My Chats.”

When you send a message to any user, a new chat will be created and you will be notified. My Chats is the place where you can find all your conversations with other users.

As for other notifications you can turn off this type of messages for every channel.

I sincerely hope this is a useful addition to

As always, we welcome your constructive feedback!

Why have a score for Bodhrán?

There is debate in the Bodhrán community, as to whether the playing should be written down or not. No Bodhrán player I know plays a tune the same way twice, and it is very much playing with the feel of the music.

Having said that, when I first started Bodhrán drumming I found it useful to have a guide as to what to do, so adding Bodhrán to MuseScore may help beginners. Also it would be useful to have the drumming added to a Tin Whistle score, for example, which gives a feel for what the two instruments will sound together.

However if you are dead set against Bodhrán notation, then I understand :-)

Cross country = Anxiety

I did cross country last year. First, you have spring training. Summer hits and you get a break from it. Fall comes around and the season starts. When I first started I could not run at all, AT ALL. Around the end of spring training I was a lot better at running. Summer came and I took a break from running. Bad idea. Fall comes and we start practicing for meets. Then my first meet... whew. Nervous as heck, i still managed to get through it. The end of the race was a long stretch. I sprinted faster than all my teammates could. My anxiety at that time was bad but after that day it got worse. Every meet I had next I had my normal dose of anxiety and pre race jitters. Then at the end of the race I would shake hard. I would never be able to sprint that fast again. I would always get the worst of anxiety right at the end. I’d hit the finish line and my body was shivering like it was 0 degrees even tho Im burning up. After the race I would have the worst abdominal cramps and could barely move. A couple other runners would hit the finish line and either be fine, pass out, or vomit. I never did vomit or pass out so that’s good. Now every time I think about running my heart beats fast and I shake and ANXIETY!!!! I don’t even know if I want to do spring training this year just to avoid the crippling depression I got after running and the extra traumatizing anxiety during.

What the heck.....

I just read the history of the entire group and everything that has happened to this group, and I remember the whole Spammer and Dookis bit but I don't recognize anything else there. Like how did this prank happen without me noticing? Anyone mind explaining how I missed so much stuff when I check Musescore everyday at least twice?