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Sooooooooo... Rose Quarts Huh? Pink Diamond Eeh?

Tell what was your guys' reaction??!?!?! And the diamonds coming to earth? And White Diamond? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!

"We Need To Talk" because "The Big Show" is "Keep(ing) Beach City Weird", and no one knows Steven Universe at my school. I am having trouble "Keeping It Together" and life is like a "Nightmare Hospital" so let's "Crack The Whip" and talk!

Is anyone else annoyed by boring bass lines?

I play cello which is both a bass and a tenor instrument. Some composers think it is acceptable to write bass parts that just play the root of a chord progression that changes every measure. It is not acceptable! If you are too lazy to learn and write good counterpoint you might as well quit.
What I really don't get is how in those kind of scores the greater point is based of the first violins part which is always the one and only melody.

I need help,

So, I've been looking into getting a DAW program... I have absolutely no idea what the heck i am doing and how to do it. First off, what software do you recommend? I was looking at reaper because I don't want to spend a lot of money and I want to see the sheet music, but I heard audacity is horrible. So, yeah. Then, as I was planning on using this for orchestral tracks how would I do that? Or even write notes? Or add my own sounds?????

Sorry for this looooong list of questions but, I've lost all hope for doing this myself......