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How to move notes from one staff to another?

THe question may not be clear, but for instance let's say, at the piano, I have one (or several) note(s) in a series of notes which would be way too cumbersome to read if they were left in the treble clef. I want these notes, and these notes only, to be in the bass clef.

An example is in Beethoven's Moonlight Sonoata first movement, measure 5: the first two notes (E and G) are really hard to read if they are in the treble clef, I want to migrate them to the bass one. How is it done?

Note: Musescore 2.3.2

Invitations and join requests to groups not working well

Some weeks ago, I noticed that invitations to a private group only worked if I used a MuseScore username. Invitations using an external email address never worked.

And today I got this response when trying to view the "Join requests" page for a private group which I had changed to a moderated group (
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

And a user who tried to join the same moderated group got the response:
 ‘This group is unavailable’  

I logged out and tried to join the moderated group anonymously, and got the same 'This group is unavailable' response.

My Crazy Day

Yesterday was my regional science fair for my project. I woke up at 5:30 to get there at 7:30. I got there and put all my stuff together and got judged for four hours strait of everyone standing around. Phones were not allowed on or even on the judging floor, so I did not bring mine. Then we had a lunch break and came back. We went shopping too on our break. When we came back they had fished judging. We picked  up our results and went home. When I got home I grabbed my phone to see that there was a text from my boyfriend. He is my first ever. I looked at it and read what it said. It said that he was breaking up with me. It would have been three months of us dating in four days. My day was horrible! Standing around all day then that!

The Hollow Knight Group

Hi everyone! The Hollow Knight group is intended to be a place where people can go to find Hollow Knight scores or talk about Hollow Knight. There are currently 41 members and 9 scores. Go ahead and add your scores and start discussions. Hopefully this group will continue to grow. Please consider joining if you have not already! :)

About Alan Walker Fan Club

If you think Alan Walker is amazing, If you think Alan Walker is awesome, If you think Alan Walker is the best, If you know Alan Walker is the best, If Alan Walker is the best, If you think you are fan of Alan Walker, If you ARE fan of Alan Walker, If your dream is meet Alan Walker, If you're always wears headphones, Or without headphones, And listens Alan Walker's songs, If you're doing it everywhere, Even in church, If you love one of Faded, Alone, Spectre, ... Or if you ARE Alan Walker, Please join this group