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MuseScore 3 crashed after adding MuseScore Drumline!

I had a perfectly good MuseScore 3 working program, after upgrading to the latest version 3.0.5. There was a link to download MuseScore Drumline, which I clicked and installed the extension. Now I can't get MuseScore to load at all!

I've re-downloaded it but Windows 10 refuses to open it. All I get is increased CPU and Memory usage and eventually I have to close the unopened app.

Any suggestions?

What are some things that none of us know about you?

Feel free to list as many as you want!

Somethings you probably don’t know about me is:

I’m a huge coin collector. I love it. (Some Of you know this I think)

I have a few stuffed animals that I love. I have a little baby penguin named Snow, and he’s the cutest ball of fluffiness ever. I have another penguin named Wons.
My brother, who is on a mission, sent me some stuffed animals for my birthday. Those animals are Mr. Bear II, Mr. Wolfe, and Mr. Hummingbird. And they are all so freakin cute. xD
I even bought a little fedora that they wear. It’s so adorable. xD

My room is painted yellow, and is filled with so many things bird related lol.

I’ll think of some more things later.

Issues converting PDF with Audiveris

Hi everybody,

I got 11 pieces to prepare for next week and I'm too slow reading *PANIC*
I found about Audiveris !
worked fine the first pdf but then kept the second pdf in queue since yesterday without any result, all scores have good quality, contrast an not so complex!

Is there a way to take out the music out of queue so I can retry for example?

Can I do the computing with my machine instead of queue it somewhere? 
Did somebody tried to install Audiveris from the Github repo?
I have a Mac and before installing a virtual machines for running Windows so I can install it I wanted to make sure it works etc!

Thank you for any tips or advices :D


Important Public Service Anouncement


Incidentally, it's also the birthday of Albert Einstein, so that's pretty cool. :D Here are some cool facts about pi in case you're interested. :P

Pleaserefrainfromspammingmillionsofdigitsofpiinthisdiscussion.Thankyouforyourcooperation.Haveagreatday. :D

EDIT: Also, in case you're's NASA's answer on just how many digits of pi we really need. 

EDIT AGAIN: And, for those of you who really can't get enough's NASA's Pi day challenge. :P

Has any one pulled off the most impossible jump in the game?

Kingdom: Metro Kingdom (New Donk City)
Location: On the construction girder east of the Odyssey
Techniques required: Ground Pound, Roll, Long Jump, Cap Dive, Midair Spin
Instructions: Head for the closest point on the girder that dents in toward the main area of the kingdom. stand back as far as possible without falling and face the north-west corner of the girder. jump and perform a groud pound (ZR / ZL / SR / SL in midair), and when you land, Flick your controller while still holding ZR / ZL / SR / SL, to perform a High-speed Roll (Make sure you move your left analog stick towards the corner during this jump starting now) . Jump (A / ❯) while rolling to Perform a Long Jump. when it looks like you're a tiny bit below the edge you're trying to get to, Do a Cap Dive (Throw Cappy, then dive immediately {Y / ❮ / Flick Controller, then Hit ZR / ZL / SR / SL  while Cappy's in the air}). When Cappy comes back, immediately hit A / ❯ to do a midair spin (this gives you a tad bit more air time.) after that attempt the cap dive again (you won't be able to bounce off Cappy again). If you did this all right, then you should be standing of the corner of the main are of the kingdom, pat yourself on the back. :)

NOTE: This is not a Mod Hack, I have pulled this off only twice (It is extremely difficult) and I don't do Mod hacks.

What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever received?

I have a lot lol.
One time I was at a dance, and there were these 3 girls that were staring at me well I was dancing. Felt super weird. Then the one said to me “you look really REALLY good when you dance...”
Boy that was an awkward night. If you guys want to know the rest of the story, just go ahead and ask lol.
What’s some weird compliments that you’ve received? xD