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need answers to my emails

Hello, this isn't really for community members, but for anyone official in MuseScore crawling through the forums.
I've sent three prior requests (nos. 65298, 65875 and 67133) over the past month, and no one is replying to them.
Ignoring these requests is quite unprofessional and has me doubting my use of MuseScore at all. Please respond ASAP. Thanks.


I made this group over seven years ago as a kid. now I'm 18. I don't know how 168 people joined this group. I'll leave the group up but... I don't know. it's weird I keep getting emails when people join this group. This feels like something archaic to me. I still use musescore sometimes but... it's honestly just nostalgia for me.

Copyright Notification for P R I V A T E scores


i need some Help with the privacy status of my uploaded scores. I uploaded some scores to play the scores from my apple ipad on stage. All scores were marked as PRIVATE. Now I got three Notifikations, due to violating the copyright.

The resulting question is, wich persons or organisations have access to my PRIVATE scores? If I am not able to store scores to use it on stage, Musescore is more or less usless for many purposes.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I am thankful for every help.


Send notification when favourited score gets updated

I think it really makes sense to notify people who fav'ed a score when it gets reuploaded. Otherwise WIP updates will never get to their subscribers unless one spams all the groups.

Think about this, it is fair to assume that people who fav'ed a WIP piece want such notifications, and most people have no reason to abuse such notifications as it only gets resended to people who already fav'ed, and overdoing this would only make annoyed people unfav the piece.

Want to accelerate towards Presto, How to acheive this?

So I am using Musescore 3 to write my impromptu. I have Musescore 2.3 on my other computer. Furthermore, that computer has the TempoChanges plugin. But I have also seen manual input of tempo marks used to accelerate or decelerate the piece. Of course, this is only roughly. But if I do it often enough such as by the 16th note, it wouldn't even be noticeable as abrupt changes. So I have a 10 measure introduction at Allegro, more specifically quarter note = 120 BPM. I am wanting to accelerate towards Presto as I get to the A section. I don't know yet how many measures I am going to have in between the first 10 measures of the introduction and the A section. But I want to get this accelerando effect in my playback. 

The easiest way I can think of doing it is emailing myself the score once I have reached the A section, opening the file on my other computer using Musescore 2.3 and adding the accelerando via the TempoChanges plugin, then saving it and emailing it to myself again and opening it in Musescore 3 and continue to write the impromptu, sending it to my other computer when I want to use ritardando and accelerando.  But, I don't know if this will actually work. It should because the TempoChanges plugin basically does what a manual adjustment of the tempo would do but automatically for any range of notes in the selection. 

The more labor intensive way would be for me to figure out how often to change the tempo, and then divide the overall tempo change by the number of times the tempo changes and manually put in all those tempos. Thing is, the TempoChanges plugin does put in fractional tempos. I don't know if you can manually input something like 130.5 BPM. And if I have to use fractional tempos, I might as well use the TempoChanges plugin.

So how should I go about this accelerando? Should I send it to my other computer and use the TempoChanges plugin using Musescore 2.3 and then send it back to my main computer and continue composing it using Musescore 3? Or should I put in all the tempos manually using Musescore 3? Or should I just watch the plugins on and wait until TempoChanges shows up on the list of 3.x compatible plugins and then install it and while I'm waiting, make note of where I want gradual tempo changes and the degree of change I want?

Using grace notes with swing?

I'm transcribing a piece for jazz trio, but I have run across a slight problem. The piece is in swing time, with a 67% eighth note ratio. If I add an acciaccatura (or any other grace note that comes before the beat, as far as I can tell) onto an off-beat note, the grace note is played far too early. It's almost as if it's playing a grace note for the straight eighth, rather than the swing eighth. The grace note works fine if it's on the on-beat. Can anyone give me some advice for how to fix this?

new composition! "Waltz of rememory" feedback wanted!

  This music music has a sense of tragedy with romanticism and a bit of modernism accents.
Of course you will hear one of the most popular classical music progressions (baroque epochs progressions of fifth) but i wanted to do my own version of that progression.  Maybe you can relate my piece with someone others... leave your comment i would like to know what others think...