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Dashboard issues

1. The text box appears, but the send button doesn't. This is especially annoYing whenever I type something really long and then the send button isn't there. Can this be fixed?
2. Possibly show private messages on the dashboard?
3. Maybe show all comments on dashboard. Sometimes it picks and chooses comments which sort of bugs me a bit

Current state of film music

Hello guys!
I wanted to talk about this topic for some while so I decided to write this
Nowadyas it seems like most big movies copy the Hans Zimmer style of epic brass, string ostinatos, war drums and pretty simple colour and harmony
Of course it sounds great and makes for good film scores but I feel like that symphonic style of hollywood scores, that made classics like Star Wars or pretty much every Sergio Leone film the giants they are now, is fading away
My favorite film composer is John Williams and I love his scores, not only because they sound great but also because his pieces use the orchestra to it´s limits
This is something modern film scores are kind of lacking
At least that´s my personal experience so I could be wrong about everything^^
Please let me know what you think!

Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute

 Für die meisten Menschen heute, ist es lächerlich, wegen der wirtschaftlichen Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute. Wer weiß, dass nur die Ehe ist wie eine teure Anlass Kleider und so billig Brautjungfer sind immer in der großen Nachfrage in der heutigen Zeit.

Lilac Brautjungfer Kleider sind chic romantischen Trend in diesem Jahr. Wenn Sie wirklich wollen, um in dieser einladenden Farbe Weg zu gehen, wenn es um Kleider geht für Ihre Brautjungfern, sind Sie in der Existenz einiger Mode lila Brautjungfer Kleider unter 100 glauben? Nun, meine Antwort ja.

Wenn es um Einkaufen für ein Ehrenplatz billig Licht lila Brautjungfer Kleid online angeboten wird, von dem Stereotyp, dass Designer-Kleid Stile sind teuer loszuwerden! Es ist auch ein Vergnügen, die meisten Verbraucher warnten ihre Kleider online. Fast jedes Kleid Shop führt eine reiche Sammlung von Kleider von verschiedenen Farben und Stilen, natürlich, lila Brautjungfer Kleider sind enthalten. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist ein paar Klicks: Wählen Sie einen zuverlässigen Speicher, guten Stil und erhalten Sie Ihre gewünschte Farbe. Die reichliche Versorgung mit verschiedenen Brautjungfernkleider lila Ehre können Sie einfach einkaufen. In den Laden gehen mit klaren Bildern 
, detaillierten Beschreibungen, der Service freundlich und Kundenpolitik versandkostenfrei und frei Verschiffen zurück, auch im Fall, dass Sie sie nicht täuschen. Allerdings wird eine ganze Spar dieses Risiko auszugleichen. 

Playback foulup

Four days ago I noticed a new style of font on the comments section of my page. I figured it was your new Spring look, but now whenever I want to play a piece of mine or elsewhere one of three things happens:
1) The blue line begins to race across the page before I press play and it plays with the scroll 8 or so bars ahead; 2) it stutters or does not play; 3) It plays (eureka!)
Hardly a good way to entice listeners, wouldn't you say?
Sometimes it stalls and it takes forever to leave the page.

Until this occurrence all had been fine. I have rebooted and my PC seems to be fine in all other aspects. I use Windows 10, Firefox and ver 2.3.2.


Hi everyone!

Since this group is about learning composition from each other, I feel that it would be great if y'all could introduce yourselves in this group so that we could better learn from each other!

Probably just mention your composition experience/why and what (and how) you compose/instruments you play/hobbies/basically anything

So i'll start...

I recently graduated from high school last year, and I've been composing since around 12 yo. I started composition seriously in high school during my 'A' level music studies. I normally compose in the classical genre, ranging from Baroque to Modern styles, and I'm still in the pursuit to find my distinct aesthetic. Also I play the piano, and clarinet (self-taught), and own a couple of other instruments (including toy instruments) :)

(since i'm admin i shall pin this thread haha)


Hey I’m new here and I’m a 14 year old violinist that lives in the state of CT and that is part of the Connecticut orchestra for the New England region, I’ll be willing to help anyone out on pieces of music that is being composed. If you wanna talk then txt me anytime.


I'm excited to finally announce our fourth competition!
This time, compose a duet for contrabassoon and piccolo. (I got the idea from a music lecture I watched, and thought it would make for a fun competition theme.)
- All of the notes must be within the respective instruments range
- The total length can be anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes long
- Comment a link to your submission below
- Each user may only submit one entry
- Voting will begin on June 1st, 2019

Have fun! :)