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"How to save a life" The Frey

Hey everyone!  I'm doing a music class for school its really fun.  Theres 20 people in it so the class is split up into 2 bands.  the band I'm in is wanting to play a song called, "how to save a life" by The Frey.  I know ive requested alot of songs on sheet music but....  can someone please make sheet music to this?
 .  make sure its the same version as the one in the link.  I would really appreciate it, this is one of my top favorite songs!


A group of children want to perform a trio on cello, trumpet and flute. They really need help making the music sheet for Africa by Toto and need some urgent help. If anyone has free time and knows how to write music please help us write an easy version of Africa. Help will be appreciated a lot!