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Welcome to the group!

If you are new, welcome! We will be selecting the 5 or 6 judges for our competitions before we start. REMEMBER: The JUDGES WILL REGULATE THE COMPETITIONS. Please note: You can leave any time! In which case we will open another slot.
All judge entries must ask my permission to join first.

If you would NOT like to participate, you do not have to!

Help on a Song

I don’t have the time to compose a music March called My Army-By the Red Army Choir. A few friends and I jokingly said that we would want to play this song for our Solo and Ensemble event and overall in general when we are asked to play, (we live in a very diverse community and the seniors who live are mostly Russian decent, and used to live in the USSR when they were children, and still admire Soviet Music), and we all have agreed on doing it. But we don’t have the time to arrange it for our instruments. We are a quintet (2 Trumpets, 1 French Horn, 1 Tuba, and 1 Euphonium.) I was wondering if y’all can help us? Thank You?


I am most intrigued by the quality of the
"Noteworthy" audio playback. I see that it interfaces with Sibelius and Dorico but no mention of Musescore. Please explain why the Musescore system cannot work with Noteworthy. If this is being worked on, please advise as to when it will be completed.

Admin Elections (August 2019)

I see how hard leading an orchestra by myself is now. :3
I don't have the time and energy to run this by myself, so now I'm adding bimonthly admin elections! :D

Admins MUST:
- Moderate the group (duh)
- Add people who have signed up
- Remove non-orchestral pieces
- Remove people who HAVEN'T signed up (looking at like half the orchestra here) This bugs me the most

Admin Sign-up Form (Google Forms):

Admin Sign-up Form (Musescore):
Username -
How many scores you have -
Leadership Experience -
Weekly Activity (1-10) -
How trustworthy would you consider yourself to be? -

Admin Requirements:
At least 1 score
Some kind of leadership experience
At least 2 log-ins a week

Out of everyone who signs up, I'll add, get this, ONE.
Elections will stop in April 2020 and will resume when someone resigns.

Next election: October 2019

*mental preparation for the tons of messages i'm gonna get*