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Public Domain Recognition Often Fails

I've tried to inquire about this in the past, but always to no avail, with nary a response from the staff. Hopefully this time will be different...

Yesterday I finally decided to start using the "public domain" marker for the five hundred or so public domain transcriptions available on my profile because I was forced to choose between "public domain" and "non-public domain" after I made a typo in a score description and wanted to update it. I went through and selected "public domain" for a sizable number of scores -- about thirty or so -- and entered the title and composer's name for each one as requested.

This morning, I awoke to find that the PD label had disappeared from over half of the scores I had marked. All of the works in question are in the public domain, and I'd entered the exact title and composer for each one, so -- what happened? Is there any way to correct this?

Examples of scores that reverted to non-PD:
(The last one is really egregious because it's the regional anthem of the US Virgin Islands, which if I remember correctly is explicitly placed by law into the public domain.)

Musescore update 2.4.5

This update got auto-installed on 26-Sep, but the Mixer functionality now seems broken. Previously if I load a score into my library and set the mixer to subdue volume on other parts, mixer settings are retained even when re-loading another day. Version 2.4.5 resets mixer settings immediately on leaving the mixer menu so it is now impossible to amplify any part above any other. Fix please?