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After an inactive summer, it's time for another competition!
For this competition, simply arrange "Baby Shark" for a small chamber ensemble.
- Arrangement must include 3-5 single-staved instruments (i.e. no piano!).
- Try to make your submission as different from the original as possible while still being recognizable!
- The total length must be between 1 and 5 minutes long
- Comment a link to your submission below
- Each user may only submit one entry
- Voting will begin on October 29th, 2019
New rule: 
You may mention this competition in your submission piece's description, but do not promote or advertise yourself in any other way!

Good luck! :)

Pieces to compose

Here you can offer your ideas, what exactly would you like to see as a collaborative work. 

J. Moses's plan of description: 
tragedy or comedy?
fast or slow?
what is the plot for this part of the drama that you want us to illustrate in music?
who are the characters?
where are they at?
what are they doing?
how do they feel?
when is this happening (time era, time of day, etc...)?

One "like sign" behind the comment that offers ideas means one vote "pro" offered idea.