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Zum Beispiel hatte ich die Hochzeit eines Freundes im Sommer 2008

1. Eine Methode, die ich immer beschäftigen wird faßt mein Tagebuch und Kenntnis nehmend von meinem bevorstehende Veranstaltungen. Zum Beispiel hatte ich die Hochzeit eines Freundes im Sommer 2008 so suchte ich nach Schnäppchen Kleider im Verkauf 2007. Fast alle meine Freunde waren um Rauschen in der letzten Minute der Jagd für ein Kleid und die meisten am Ende Beschuss aus ein Vermögen. Formale Kleider müssen nicht drastische Trendänderungen wie Party Kleider, so dass niemand wusste, ich war ', so der vergangenen Saison! Mit dem Einkauf früh, es bedeutete auch, ich war nicht die gleichen Möglichkeiten wie die anderen Hochzeitsgäste beschränkt.

2. Wenn Sie für Ihren großen Tag der Hochzeit einkaufen, mit einem lächerlich teuer Brautkleid macht es nicht mehr besondere oder machen Sie besser aussehen 
schöne abiballkleider
, es tut einfach weh Ihre Taschen! Wer fragt, wie viel Ihr Kleid war - niemand wird wissen, was fantastisch günstigen Preis bezahlt.

I need some new song ideas

A friend and I are seniors in high school and we have a band. I play alto saxophone and he plays drum set. We have played at basketball games, in school concerts, and background music at various school events. Our next (and possibly last) performance is going to be at our graduation, so obviously we want it to be our best performance yet. Our problem is we cannot seem to find a good song/songs to play. We are looking for something fast, upbeat, and fun. Somewhere between 3 to 15 minutes would be perfect. Some of the songs we have played before include: Shipping Up To Boston, Megalovania, Blue (Da Ba Dee), 300 Violin Orchestra, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Eye Of The Tiger, ect. Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the type of music we enjoy playing.

Any song suggestions would be very helpful. Also, if you have any other places I could post this question please let me know. Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone gives.

Which Professional Sax Should I Invest In?

The local music store here, Groth Music (Also the biggest music store in Minnesota) has three different professional tenor sax models for sale, at least that’s what shows on their website. If they have more, I’ll look into it. For now, I just want to know if there are opinions.

The options are:

Selmer Paris Professional Model 54JU Tenor Saxophone

Selmer Paris Professional Model 84 Tenor Saxophone

Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone

Btw, I’m leaning towards the Custom Z because I want one with black lacquer so I can look cool at school :P

What do you think about this piece?

Hi, my music school just emailed me telling they've made a local Summer Competition which deadline is the 1st of September, basically this competition consist of composing a piece which is 1 to 2min long (it doesn't matter which category eg. Piano solos, Orchestra, etc...), and the winner will win 100 Euro to spend in Music books and a free year of studies.

So i've made this little piano concerto with strings that is about 1:20min long.

Could you tell me in comments what to change/improve and tell me if you liked? That would be really really appreciated! :-)

Updates: Finally finished this Concerto and i'm sincerely so proud of this! Hope this win althought there are very good composers in my school, so yeah let's see for the results in September! Thank you all for the support you gave to me!!