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What key to modulate to with the F#?

So my waltz is in D major and the first phrase group, which is a period structure, has a melody ending on F# and harmonically, it ends on first inversion tonic. Both of these lead towards a modulation happening. I could modulate directly to 3 keys using this F# as a pivot note. I could also indirectly modulate to yet another key this way. F# to E minor I don't really view as a possibility even though that is technically possible. In the same way, the diminished chord doesn't lend itself to being modulated to. So this leaves me with 4 possibilities as to what to do with the F#. Here are the direct modulations:

F# -> F# minor
F# -> G major
F# -> B minor

And here is the indirect modulation:

F# -> F# minor -> A major

G major is so typical to modulate to using an F#. F# minor though is the mediant of D major and the mediant is not often modulated to. B minor is the relative minor and a relative modulation is common but not via the third of the original tonic becoming the fifth of the new tonic explicitly written out in the melody and harmony. A major is a typical key to modulate to from D major. But this involves first going to the mediant of D major which is also the relative minor of A major and then going to A major.

Which of these 4 keys do you think I should modulate to using the F# note in the melody?