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Can I get a bit of help with a song I've been working on?

Hey guys, I just want your help with a piece. I've wanted to write a song which purposely sounds a bit off and quirky, where the first note is a C3 quarter note and is followed by a D major quarter note but only the F# and A, not the D. It's a bit like Bonetrousle from Undertale, if you've ever heard that, as well as Jude Harley, Bizarrely from Hiveswap. do you have any advice on what notes and chords could follow? Sorry if this is a b it confusingly written.

Suite Antico, 5 original compositions for piano

Hi all,

I recently completed a suite of pieces in "old" forms, but with some modern harmonies contained within.  Please let me know what you think.  It was quite a project for me and I can't believe I completed it!  The Siciliana is sort of the centerpiece and the longest one by far (and the only one not in D minor/F major).

I. Preludio -
II. Menuetto -
III. Aria -
IV. Siciliana -
V. Toccatina -

indentation of a stave

Hi, my first posting.

Is it possible to make indentation of a stave and put some text in front of it? I like to make a sheet with exercises and give each exercise a number. So, when ther is a number in front of the stave, I'd like to indent the stave, if there is no number, the stave should have the normal lenght.

How is this possible?

PS: I have no clue whether or not it is the right subforum. I really had difficulties to understand how this forum is organized ... and I didn't. As I do vocals, piano an oboe scores, I rather would post in a more general subforum. So please, bear with me.
And the edit mode here, OMG, help us all!

My first piano composition (2015)
Uploaded on Oct 29, 2018
My first piano composition on which I added a little improvisation part. This is my first score; I made it to try and test the software. I promise you I will post more difficult scores very soon :-)
This piece is very hard to play respecting the keys, so you are allowed to play some notes in G clef with your left hand.
Original version : (released on July 22, 2016 on
Artist: "Vilega - piano forever"

2 Short Preludes, sound great but look horrifying

Hello, I have been programming in Ableton, Reason and Auxy for years but I recently fell in love with everything piano. Wrote a few preludes and here's a couple of em. Trying to teach myself to read as well as compose proper notation (and play obviously) but my musical intuition is quite a few years ahead of my fingers.

Any feedback on the notation would be sweet!

(another) Solo composition

A song reflecting one's first love/crush. The person thinks it's unrequited but soon realises that the other person has feelings for them too. (Not based on a true story. Or is it...)

This is a very rough (finished) version of it and I'm working on polishing it. (The only reason I made this was because I couldn't sleep at 4 AM).

Any constructive feedback is more than welcomed. Enjoy! :)